Bright & Spacious Tiny House is Perfect for Working from Home! – Full Tour

Jess from Rewild Homes gives us a tour of the Fox Sparrow tiny house. It’s spacious, functional, and bright; and it’s perfect for a person or couple who plan to work from home!

The house is built on a 24 foot trailer, and it measures approximately 160 square feet. It is designed to be on the grid, so there’s no composting toilet or grey water tank.

It has a spacious bathroom with a full-sized shower, toilet, and space for a combo washer dryer.

The kitchen has an apartment sized fridge, a full cooking range, and a large sink. Adjacent to the kitchen counter is a live edge desktop with space for two people to work from home.

The hang out space is spacious and comfortable with lots of floor space for entertaining, yoga, etc.

The staircase to the loft provides a ton of extra storage underneath, and leads to a 10 foot sleeping loft above, which provides room for a king sized bed.

We felt like this tiny house was simple but well designed and would suit our lifestyle perfectly.

Rewild Homes is in Nanaimo, BC:

To keep up with all of Rewild Homes’ awesome tiny house projects, check out their website, Facebook and Instagram pages here:

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39 Replies to “Bright & Spacious Tiny House is Perfect for Working from Home! – Full Tour”

  1. A.R.H.

    Hello,how long does a house like this last? 10 years? 20 years? What if you want children? This is in my opinion a waste of money,who buys a house for 40k and more which last maybe 20 years?

  2. F355

    Every time I watch a tiny house video I love it, they are all beautiful but some of them are both professionally built and beautiful, this is one of them. I especially enjoyed the way the lady explained things. Imho, things like shower, bed size, work space/kitchen counter should not be compromised and I was happy to see all of these 3 were well thought out in this one.

  3. shankems2000

    Looks great, it's basically a 1 bedroom apartment on wheels. How much does something like that cost? I feel including estimated price would be a good addition for your clips. The more I watch these videos, the more interested I am in getting one for myself, but finding somewhere to park it is probably more of an issue than the expense of buying it.

  4. agnes e. mililani mau kiesling

    Jess did a wonderful job of touring us thru their model!! I I love the home!! Thanks for this video!! I am dreaming of a day when we'll have a tiny home! … your Keeps showyou me different alter ego especially and I appreciate that!! 🙂

  5. Allen Hare

    Thanks for another beautiful tiny home tour.
    Seems that each new tiny home you show us is better and more thoughtful than the last.
    I really like this one. They appear to have thought of everything. I could well imagine living in this one, and pulling it to a different RV park each month.
    Good Vibrations

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