If we don’t catch dinner, we starve.

Day 5 of no meat and I’m clinging for my dear life as we sail the Caribbean. My fate lies at the tip of a speargun. Half kidding but drama is great for YouTube.
Thanks to Jake for showing us his island and to SLV for having us

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Yesterday’s video – Sailing to an Abandoned Fort

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Feb, 2018

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32 Replies to “If we don’t catch dinner, we starve.”

  1. Alexander Allansson

    I always look forward to the next episode, your videos are amazing Christian!
    /Regards from Sweden

  2. Jordan& Ellie

    your editing skills are unreal!! check out our page people, English couple currently travelling Australia!

  3. Arnab Sadhukhan

    So many incredible accents in this video. This video is definitely a treat to the eyes and the ears as well.

  4. Matthew Parmeter

    If you want to learn how to kite surf your best bet would be to make a trip to Aruba. That is where I finally was able to do it because they have sustained winds year round. Also just an amazingly friendly island that is worth the visit.

  5. Raphaella Rojas

    Christian, either if you and Katy are together or not, we are glad you’re making her happy. She deserves it! All we want is for her to be taken care of.

  6. Noam Kovac

    Love the content you upload,
    Following you from the first video.
    Next time you must do kitesurfing with jake his a master

  7. Bradley Smith

    I don't comment on videos very often but pushing her back in while helping her out of the water was some funny shit! I literally laughed out loud!

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