First Time in Italy!

Since the Italian border is a short train ride away from Nice, where I was staying, of course I had to go! I visited Ventimiglia and wandered around for a bit – though not entirely successfully.

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3 Replies to “First Time in Italy!”

  1. GivesAMinute

    Arghhh!! Saw that wave coming and thought you better get out of the way!!! Maybe this will cheer you up a bit: you just won my $100 Gift Voucher giveaway on my channel! I selected a random subscriber between 1 and 100 and the number was 61. You were my 61st subscriber, so you win 🙂 Congrats!!

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    Thanks again for the sub, this one was worth it!

  2. Anna M.

    I love all your videos. I am originally from Switzerland and I know all these places. You are so lucky being there !

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