The Maldives of the Philippines PT2?! – Masbate

Just off the coast of Masbate City is an incredible spit of land by the name of Buntod Island. Our day didn’t go as planned but Buntod made up for all of that.

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Nov, 2017

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23 Replies to “The Maldives of the Philippines PT2?! – Masbate”

  1. Lost LeBlanc

    We're getting lost! Next island is crazy remote but was one of my favourites. See you tomorrow!
    Yesterday's video – Cliff Jumping in Boracay:

    Maldive of the Philippines:

  2. Mark Zimmerman

    LOL save a horse ride a cowboy. comming at ya from the southwest USA. COWBOY country hahahahaha 🙂

  3. Joseph Duano

    Awesome place! I was literally just in Masbate last week. It was my friend and I coming all the way from Hawaii. Thankfully, I have family down there who are well connected around the islands. So we didn't have to spent a cent to get around. But even then, they didn't have to spend quite as much. I felt kinda bad when you said you had to pay 100 pesos for the tricycle and then 3,000 for the boat tour to get you around and also to Buntod Reef Reserves. Check out my instagram @jduano. I am still putting up new updates about our adventures all around Masbate from last week, including Ticao Island and the remote island town of Togoron just outside of Masbate.. and also the new natural spring pool called the Alligator Pool.. OH and FOR PIZZA…. Captain's Grill is where it's at.

  4. Winton churchill

    I was on that sandbar in June with my girlfriend and we were the only ones on the whole sandbar. Ticao Altamar resort was ok but too much litter on the beach for me but the waterfall close is nice as well as National park to the North. Subic beach is also a great place to visit not too far

  5. Anne Hallie Cabuyao

    Why don't you try to go to Balesin Island located in Polillo Quezon, Province here in the Philippines. I've seen your videos and Oh my goodness they're awesome! I love the way you interact with the environment and to the people not only hre in the Philippines but also to the other countries. I just saw one of ur videos here in youtube and I'm very amazed! I mean WOW😮

  6. Wannabe Portlandy

    Christian, Christian. I love you man. But it's time to stop with the Maldives comparison already. As a Filipino native, and as someone who has actually travelled to the Maldives, these places are completely no comparison to the Maldives. I love my country, I love Maldives for both very different reasons. These comparisons are giving Maldives a disservice.

  7. Al Miguel

    Hello Lost LeBlanc, I like your video man. Because of that I humbly ask for permission to use some part of your vlog for my chillout video compilation. Hoping for your approval man. Don't worry man I'll give you credits for this. Thank you in advance bro. 🙂

  8. Sebastian Ariel Burd

    really? talking too long about stupid fries and burger in Philippines, I like u but sometimes u could be so annoying with all due respect.

  9. Sebastian Ariel Burd

    hI, its me again, if u have to choose between this beach or cresto del gallo that u showed in a separate video? which one would u choose to visit? thanks

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