Montevideo Old Town + Mercado del Puerto!

Our first day in Montevideo, Uruguay we went to the Old Town walking street and the Port Market for some chorizo! (Mercado del Puerto y Mercado de los Artesanos)



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***TRAVEL VLOG 282***
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23 Replies to “Montevideo Old Town + Mercado del Puerto!”

  1. DeE dq

    you guys have amazing videos.. the first time ive watched your vids, i subcribed to you guys immediately… keep doing it!! love yah!!

  2. Samantha Lopez

    I'm a new subscriber. A YouTuber I watch recommended you and I had to start watching, my husband is from Uruguay.. such a beautiful country with the absolute most humble people!

  3. Jonathan Khan

    that sauce is Chimichurri! if you thought is tasted great in the Choripan…on steak Chimichurri is so delicious

  4. Chris lightning

    I wish Americans would be more specific “ it’s like Europe” . Europe is a continent not a country and is completely diverse with massive architectural differences from place to place.

  5. Chelo29

    I hope you have tried the half and half drink. a pleasure to receive people like you, in my small and humble country , by the way very good shots bro so clear.
    forget it, nobody told you Nate, that you look like Ronaldo real madrid futbol player?

  6. FireCracker3240

    I must say, South America sure knows how to make sausage sandwiches. That one looked soo good… that hunk of bread was HUGE and looked amazing.

  7. frances fritticci

    You guys are amazing and I'm kind of glad you take the bus everywhere because you get to experience with the locals experience but I'm starting to think that Kara can eat you under the table Nate any day the girl has a good appetite you are both Foodies

  8. AndresM

    Americans onky know Mexican and Caribbean and maybe Peru.
    Argentina and Uruguay are mostly European.
    The CIA guide describes it as a country with a strong European heritage, Italian and Spaniard with some Eastern Europeans.
    Also there is a German community including a sunked German ship off the coast. Americans always so lost and out of touch with the world and even with the real Americans.

  9. Tengjiao Wang

    You mentioned eating at the table gets charged differently than eating at the counter is quite similar to Italian's tavolo fee in many cafes, probably Uruguay owns a lot of Italian influences other than Spanish culture.

  10. Cameron Enoch

    Noooo lol! Only Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay have that large of a European influence. Hopefully yall realized that when you got further north. South America, like the US is EXTREMELY diverse.

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