LUXURY GREEK VILLAS IN MYKONOS | With Private Pools! | Greece Travel Vlog 2018

A tour of our luxury villas in Mykonos with private pools – the Greek Islands are insane! In Greece you can rent a villa for… ⬇ Click ‘Show More’ ⬇

Mykonos villas for rent are a dime a dozen, the greek islands are full of insane villas and we were in love with the luxury 2 we stayed at.
The good news is private pools are pretty common as most of the luxury places you can travel are part of their own stand alone apartments or villas, so you have more privacy and your own pool.

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Mykonos is our first stop on our Greek island trip, still early in our Greece adventures but probably the place we will upload the most vlogs from. This one is filmed at our villa over a few different days so it’s packed with footage. It’s pretty easy to film amazing vlogs when your subject is such a sick villa with an ocean view though haha.

Private villas, luxury service and infinity pools aren’t always our type of accommodation sadly but we’re blessed to be able to spend the time with family in such a great place in Greece.

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Greemz – Lua
GlobulDub – Feels like summer again

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21 Replies to “LUXURY GREEK VILLAS IN MYKONOS | With Private Pools! | Greece Travel Vlog 2018”

  1. Daneger and Stacey

    How good are these villas!! ❤️ Wooooow. The link to take a look at the prices and reviews is in the video description.
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  2. Rex Waldron

    This is an epic vlog! It's not disjointed at all – and you really convey the happiness and fun of a family gathering in a perfect location. You guys are totally grounded so no need to worry or apologise on that score (though it's cool and real that you did!). The accommodation is amazing, the location dramatic – I love rocky arid landscapes. I had to laugh when Daneger said that he was nearly as brown as Stacey – I will never achieve that with my other half because I just go red, peel and back to white in the sun while she stays gorgeously brown all the time ha ha!

  3. Joshua Chad

    Hey you two! To start your Greece trip on the right note, here is the most important sentence you need to know…

    πόσο κοστίζει αυτό?

    How much is this?

    Po-so ko stee-zee af-to?

    You welcome! 😅

  4. Ad Ad

    So happy, laid back vlog! For my tasting, this island is not green enough, looks like a desert, but for each it's own and still ever place holds a beauty. And Beauty is in the eyes of admirer.

  5. Zoe Cowin

    Omg private pool villas are my type of heaven 💕 that's why I love Bali so much lol – looks amazing have fun guys

  6. ruby grace parungao

    Staceeeeeeey i love the floss!!! Been missing on you guys for a while, i did watch everything in just couple of! Still every vlog is so clean and just so easy to watch, aka I love all your vlogs!!! Cheers!

  7. Travellers Relish

    😂😂 Dane wanted no miscommunication he was definitely going to be the beer drinker not bartender.. That place is amazing. The private pool and the sea views definitely make it grand. The town snippets make me excited to see how it goes. It looks great.

  8. Alex B

    First congratulations. I gather you finally tied the knot? I have seen your videos in the PH and SEA. The Greek islands were once on my list, but after this video, I guess I should put them back on. Not a vlogger but looking at places to thaw out and relax during the winter.

  9. Wayan Gandita

    Good couple… When you will coming to bali again.. And make vidio.. If you coming to bali again ihope your wife learn balinese dance….

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