Welcome to Estonia! Estonia is a Baltic country bordered by Finland, Russia and Latvia. We visited Tallinn Old Town and several other places I can’t pronounce or write. Laura and I knew almost nothing about the country coming in so it was an exciting opportunity to see how the Estonians live.

Get to know Estonia in 10 minutes:

Our interview with Radar – Skip first 30 seconds:

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December 4, 2016

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Motion – Naulé (Soundcloud: Naulé)
University – Clueless Kit (Soundcloud: Clueless Kit)
La La La – Ehrling
Outro: Nevada – Vicetone (Monstercat)
-What camera and equipment do you use?

-What do you use to edit your videos? FCPX

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31 Replies to “ESTONIA – BELOW ZERO”

  1. Lost LeBlanc

    Hey guys! I misspelt Hans' name in the video. Check them out on IG 🙂

    Hope you enjoyed Estonia Day 1 and 2

  2. Mats Hiob

    I'm from Estonia! Hope you enjoyed your trip to Estonia! It was pretty funny how you pronounced names! 😀

  3. john7o

    One of the reasons I love these vlogs so much is the small things. Such as the bird joke. Always makes me laugh. Thanks Christian!

  4. Draggy Lorde

    ok im mid vid right now
    im Estonian and you came during cristmas? I hope you got to try the delish blood soseg

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