RUSSIA TRAVEL for First Timers – what YOU NEED to KNOW | Moscow & St. Petersburg

What you NEED to KNOW before visiting Moscow and St. Petersburg Russia! VISA info, places to see, what to do, how to get around, safety and more!

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✈️ Sections ✈️
Visas – 0:35
Language – 1:40
Getting around – 2:28
Money – 4:00
Tickets – 4:52
Weather -5:25
Food – 5:58
Things to do – 6:22
Safety – 8:54

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29 Replies to “RUSSIA TRAVEL for First Timers – what YOU NEED to KNOW | Moscow & St. Petersburg”

  1. ApplePie 2018

    It's lost its appeal. Russia signed the Migration Pact and too many muslims, indians, etc., are there now (or will be there). It's just like every other place now.

  2. Sara says

    St Petersburg is definitely not expensive. Obviously it depends if you want to spend lots of money then it can be. I have been going to st Petersburg twice a year for about 16 years.
    If you go through British airways from London try to use their hotel plus flight option it always works out cheaper. I once got a hotel and flight for £230. This was a hotel on nevsky which is bang in the centre. Uber and yandex taxi is very cheap too but you can always use the underground it’s 45 rubles one way.

  3. Chu Chu

    Не знаю, зачем я это посмотрел, но мне понравилось, довольно неплохо рассказано)

  4. сергей андреев

    По медленнее пожалуйста читать и смотреть не успеваю

  5. SS SB

    great but does russia have airbnb? how about train travel outside moscow? a bit more infor on prices would have been great…thanks

  6. Have Family, Will Travel

    Thanks for the quick intro to Russia, and also the summary of the differences between the key cities. I hope to visit someday!

  7. taru570

    Very nice video with lots of information. I am visiting Moscow in next year September. Your tips will be very helpful

  8. Hope

    Come to india
    Experience mountain rainfall ice water forest Tiger desert beaches food history birds animal people all weather greenery lakes everything you can imagine in india

  9. Алёнка Кря

    Знаете что я вам скажу? В России не все так красиво и позитивно, как показано в видио. Если вы едете в Питер или Москву, то да, вы все это уведите; но если в любой другой город – из достопримечательностей вы сможете посмотреть лишь огромное количество церквей.

  10. Jake Sanders

    "Russia isn't as dangerous as the western media likes to portray"
    Oh, it isn't? Okay, I guess all that shrapnel from Russian mortars that hit me while I was in east Ukraine was in my imagination.

  11. jAtt fan aa Babbu maan te Guru maan da


  12. Николай Немов

    I live all my life in Russia and only now I realized that the weather here is really very deceptive! Especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg. I have already got used to it and therefore do not notice when I take warm clothes with me for a walk or an umbrella. Things can change in a few minutes, so be careful! And Welcome to Russia! We always welcome guests! We have something to show you, the main thing is not to be afraid to communicate with us!

  13. Николай Немов

    Do not be afraid to come to Russia in the winter! In the central part is usually warm, -10 -15 Celsius, it is considered very warm! And though we are not apparently sunny for 3-4 months because of the clouds, this is a magical time, and we are very beautiful!

  14. Vera Gri

    Интересно так, блогеры ездят по миру, и делятся идеями, впечатлениями…Ххах!!! В мире столько стран, и каждая из них со своими особенностями, красотой , законами и тараканами. Про язык вообще меня возмущают все эти туристы. Можно подумать, в Америке есть на все перевод для русских туристов. Едете в чужие страны учите языки.

  15. Liuba Grig

    Um excuse me, I have to argue that St Petersburg metropolitan is WAY PRETTIER! I lived in Peter since birth, and have visited the Moscow metro, and they DON'T COMPARE!❤️

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