Hipster Photo Editing: What Are Presets And Should You Use Them For Your Photography?

Hipster Photo Editing: What Are Presets And Should You Use Them For Your Photography?

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If you’ve ever looked at my photos and wondered how I edit them, wanted to copy my editing style, or just needed some sweet Lightroom presets to give all your photos that extra moody vibe, I’m very happy to present to you all 17 super sexy presets that I use on almost all of the photos you see on my own Instagram.

If you know my photo style, you know I like to go for darker tones than what’s the standard vibe out there, and that’s generally what you’ll find here – although around a third of the presets are lighter and brighter when your mood is a little more upbeat, or need something to suit a brighter environment.

I decided to call them Hipster AF. Ha! To celebrate my new major hipsterification where I eat mainly organic, try to live plastic free as much as possible, I filter all my water, I am 90% vegan and I am starting to wear only second hand or organic clothing…this momentous occasion called for a preset pack!

I’d love to see what you come up with when using them, so feel free to tag me on Instagram @sorelleamore and use the hashtag #SorelleAmorePresets so I can have a look at your sexy new hipster photos! Enjoy my lovers!

I hope you enjoyed this video!

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MY MUSIC (Great for YouTubers) –
Big Vlogging Camera:
Main Big Camera:
Big Sigma Lens:
Converter for Sigma Lens To Sony:
Gorilla Tripod:
Small Vlogging camera:

Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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44 Replies to “Hipster Photo Editing: What Are Presets And Should You Use Them For Your Photography?”

  1. Natalia Shvedchikova

    I bought your presets and want to say thank you, there really are different and great. I also wanted to share that they work on mobile if you use lightroom CC and not desktop version. Love your videos and advanced selfies!

  2. Annie Thomas

    If I had to love a smile for the rest of my life, yours would be the second best. First is my dog. Sorry but no one takes his place but you are gorgeous and that smile is killer.

  3. Zoe

    I just purchased your presets but am unable to open them in lightroom. Somehow they show up as photoshop files. please help!

  4. Micheala Alexis

    I purchased these today! I am so happy to get to support you. You are raw and beautiful, just like your artwork and I feel so inspired by you. ❤

  5. Winona Weaver

    I bought my first real camera and a tripod because of you thank you for opening my mind into the art of the advanced selfie! Much love💖💖💖

  6. Nicole Norcia

    I did it. I bought them. I just freaken did it. Do you have a hashtag that we can use to show that we use your presets?

  7. Filippa Vivianne

    Just shot my first advanced selfie, after graduating the Advanced Selfie University, and bought Lightroom classic AND your presets 🤗

  8. chandehler

    I bought the presets and Lightroom says they are the wrong type. I got the desktop one for my desktop Lighroom. I've downloaded other presets before with no problem. What am I doing wrong?

  9. Kelly Chua

    Really wanted to support you by buying your presets (cause, ughhh they're gorg!). Sad to know they are not available in my country (Philippines 🇵🇭) 😣😥

  10. Stephanie Dittrich

    I'm glad that you're selling yours for a decent price. I've seen them go for hundreds which I think is insane. In the end, Lightroom is probably the most intuitive to use of all of the Adobe Suite applications I've worked with. I think anybody can learn how to use it fairly quickly and find a style that works for them. But, $25 is a cool price to try out a new style of editing I think.

  11. Dana Baker

    Awesome presets.. love the names!! ..but I need to know where that beautiful orange floral rug came from please?!!

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