Get The Look: Zendaya | 6 Outfits for Less!

Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed 🙂 xx
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48 Replies to “Get The Look: Zendaya | 6 Outfits for Less!”

  1. Lissi Daniela Franco

    Where is it that you got the black two pieces outfit? I´m having an event and I would love to wear that.

    I love your Get the Look videos

  2. katie elizabeth

    i'm not sure if patrick films your videos or if direct the shots but they look so good😍😍 what an amazing eye:)

  3. Scarlett

    Could you make a monochrome outfit video!! I love the look but I dot know how to achieve the right look and pull it off😰

  4. Creative Cheers of Fashion Laura Flohr

    keep looking back at this video. love it sooo much!! such a beautiful style !!! please go on with the get the look. it is soooo great! thanks Tess 😁😘

  5. d m

    I totally respect and admire your hustle – it's so nice of you in a way too to do this for those who love these styles but can'[t afford them!!
    I have been doing this myself for years – no one can ever tell the difference, and I have always been revered for my looks – ALWAYS at a bargain people would hardly believe –

    Thanks again!! I love that you made these!!

  6. Tai Dayy

    Your video was great! The styles were similar but had their own flare. Would love if you could include where Zendaya got the original pieces. New Sub!

  7. Ilaria braccagni

    I looove your videos and I miss this series! Can you do a Chiara Ferragni one? That would be so fun!

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