Indonesia. This must be a dream. We explored the Pink Beach, swam with Manta Rays, and sailed around a remote part of Indonesia with some amazing friends. For two days we rented a boat and sailed around the Indonesian ocean visiting Komodo Dragon inhabited islands and it was worth every dollar. Watch Day 1 here:

Please leave the video a big thumbs up guys! and thank you “This Is Flores” for helping us arrange the boat and tour:

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November 13, 2016

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34 Replies to “INDONESIA – This is a DREAM”

  1. Emmanuel Ramses

    Great video. How the heck are you keeping water drops from the lens?? Very clear even when you come out of water.

  2. steve gant

    Ar Mr. Christian, What a fine maiden you have there laddie, her beauty would drive me to wreck me ship upon the rocks! I mate, if only I were young again, I remember sailing the seven seas and living the pirates life with good song, strong rum, and the love of a fine wench at the next port!. Ar, a pirates life for me Mr. Christian, them were the good ole days! Reminds me of an ole song I use to sing to me mates, "I like to go swimming with bow legged women and swim between their legs" I that was a fine song and good times! Be a good lad for me now and give me best regards to the fairest Miss Laura, for she makes me hart start to yearn…………….May the wind always be with you Mr. Christian, and beware of the kraken, and the lusty ladies of the deep, for they both will bring you ruin!

  3. Sari Eva

    Saya orang indonesia tp blom pernah k raja ampat 😅😅😅 pengen banget k sana 😀😀😀😀😀😀 i love indonesia


    i am usually not a fan of female youtubers because they can get so fake sometimes especially when they just do not post any weird embarrassing moments of themselves, but I LOVE HOW LAURA DOESN'T MIND CHRISTIAN POSTING THEM hahaha really makes me love laura too. keep it up, keep it real! 😀

  5. devon harrison

    lol just checking out your vids mate and thought i should let you know..that snorkel works like a dream but you have to completely slow down your breathing…no body got time to hyperventilate:)

  6. Henny Sputri

    you should come to Bunaken or Raja ampat too😊 Bunaken in North Sulawesi and Raja ampat in Papua. It's beautiful

  7. Karina Hermawan

    Im recommended Derawan Island in Berau South Kalimantan, Indonesia. It was the coolest island that i've been visit, you can see the wheelshark, that was lit

  8. Alison Linh

    Wait when is manta ray season?? I was planning on booking a snorkeling trip to see them in Nusa, but now I'm worried it's not the season haha

  9. Sebastian Ariel Burd

    awesome video, loved it, quick question, when is the best time of the year or high season to go snorkeling to see mantas? thanks

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