POLAND IS AWESOME – KAZIMIERZ KRAKOW | Jewish Quarter Travel Vlog 2018

Our first Poland travel vlog and discovering Kazimierz in Krakow, the Jewish quarter, watch this video to see how cool this place…⬇✈ Learn to travel full-time:

We’ve instantly clicked with Kazimierz and Krakow – loving what we’ve seen so far of Poland. With a month to spend around this area we’re excited to share more of our travels and vlogs to show just how cool and underrated Poland is.

This video is showcasing the Jewish Quarter in Krakow, known as Kazimierz, it’s one of the more well known hubs of cafes, street art and urban culture developing across Poland.

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31 Replies to “POLAND IS AWESOME – KAZIMIERZ KRAKOW | Jewish Quarter Travel Vlog 2018”

  1. dziewczynaa

    Guys welcome in Poland :)))) I traveled in USA loved NYC, u are always welcome here:)x from Poland… Also visit Gdańsk, Poznań, Wrocław, Warszawa 🙂

  2. Kenneth Kotowski

    If you get Pierogi again some time, tell them to fry them (they fry them on a pan), personally i think it gets way better and a touch of salt on them – if they're un-salted! 🙂

  3. TheAliatanka

    Nice to hear that you enoy your stay in Poland 😀 Our country have lots place worth to visit Gdansk, Wrocław (Wroclove <3], Warsaw our capital which i recommend most,Poland= beautiful and breath taking landscapes from north to south, we have sea, lakes, mountines … and it's really safe place in Europe. Usually Cracov is the first option on tourist bucket list, but I hope that not only one 😛

  4. Black_wind

    so many pierogi (pirohy in Slovak) options but still none of what we usually eat here in Slovakia, which is fascinating considering everything

  5. kenny toong

    First trip 2013 went back this hot July and they have a new airport and infrastructures . Had lunch at ARIEL restaurant. This area is amazing. Going back again on Boxing Day. Young Polish folks speak English and are friendly. Very safe city. Love you guys in Krakow.

  6. Steph Anie

    Hey!! I was binge watching your Krakow vlogs over and over again! I will live there for 8 Weeks and will arrive there Next Week! I am so excited 😍 Thank you so much for the vlogs!

  7. Paul Zeus

    Why do you always go to the Jewish quarter, and why do you call it that, a quarter? Is it not a neighborhood like we would describe anyplace else, and what’s the fascination with Jewish culture? It’s not like they have invented great foods, or created beautiful art, buildings, even friendly attitudes, in fact they call us “goyim”, meaning animals to be exploited. They are prolific thieves, murderers, and liars, learn some more about events like the Jewish Communist overthrow of Russia where they killed 50 million Christians. Just the facts!
    Israel is also the most racist, genocidal country on the planet. Why do they all live among other Jews only, don’t you find that racist? At a minimum it’s not very inclusive, and just watch what happens if a black man like me moves into their neighborhoods, I mean “quarters”

  8. Cure Fairy

    Im really enjoying your trip to Poland videos,you both are very pleasant people to watch. My husband wants to move there with us and im really liking Poland very much.

  9. Adam Fryks

    you guys are awesome!! I really like your vlogs! btw come to Cracow again it will be so nice to see you somewhere in Cracow 😀 and also I strongly recommend to stay in one of my favourite hotels in Cracow – Hotel Nowa Panorama – it's cheap but really nice and comfortable 😀

  10. Otmane ube

    Nice vlog and good vibes, this country is so amazing I did a vlog recently in Krakow and I would like to know your opinion ^^

  11. AllAboutTheDreams

    Country Poland. Love this video. Soon we start also our videos and travel vlog with moving out from depression. You inspiration. Thank you !!! thanks for showing Poland to people 🙂 People should know. How lovely country!

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