TALLEST Palm Trees in the WORLD – Colombia Travel Vlog Ep 6 – Cocora Valley / Salento / Armenia

Cocora Valley (valle de cocora) is a great place for any nature lover to visit. You can spend a day hiking the trails enjoying the natural environments around the mountains (the tall palm trees are just a small feature here… there’s so much more incredible nature). After a nice day in nature, most people end up walking around the nearby town of Salento with many shops and restaurants for visitors.

It’s a beautiful area and I highly recommend considering a trip here if you’re coming to Colombia.

Thanks for showing me around, Mario!

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33 Replies to “TALLEST Palm Trees in the WORLD – Colombia Travel Vlog Ep 6 – Cocora Valley / Salento / Armenia”

  1. Christian TESS

    Hi !!! Congrats for your nice video and for your great Channel !!! Love it 😄👍🏻

    I also have a Channel about my travel across Switzerland, Europe and Asia, India in particular 🇮🇳🕌🙏
    It would be a pleasure supporting each others !

    Greetings from Lugano 🇨🇭 Switzerland

  2. Gian Padilla

    Those palm trees are majestic ! Lots of those in the Philippines but not that tall. Also the place looks a lot like Baguio, a place up north in the phils but instead of blackberries they're famous for strawberries. And oh, those doggos are so cute ! So fat, so fluffy .. 🤗

  3. Loz's Leisure

    Bro this place looks unreal! Somewhere I’ve wanted to go for a long time… your Colombia antics are making me wanna get there even more. Smashing it bro, congrats in advance for 20k!

  4. Lora Explorer

    Steve, I love watching your vlogs. Your such a positive being and your videos fuel my wanderlust so bad. Also the drone footage of the palm trees is stunning as! So good. Keep it up!

  5. Valentina Orjuela

    I'm from Colombia and i've already seen all of these things, but I just love seeing them again from a foreigner's perspective. It's just different, you start to appreciate it more, it stops being so normal. (its funny too, all of you talking about chocolate and cheese, we eat that almost on a daily basis haha)

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