WEEK IN MY LIFE: 10 | California Adventures.

Watch us spend a week being tourists in California visiting my brother.
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26 Replies to “WEEK IN MY LIFE: 10 | California Adventures.”

  1. Diana Vallejo

    I’m from San Diego, can’t believe I missed you! You’re gorgeous and I loved your vlog. ❤️ San Diego truly is amazing ☀️🌴

  2. ana arroyo

    How do you stay so fit with eating out so much? And drinking? Are you naturally thin? Also didn’t Selena Gomez had that same jacket you were wearing?

  3. Ruby Gillett

    girl i love your Week In My Life vlogs!! you have such a great personality and your fam seems super sweet! xox

  4. Megan Boucher

    I love those bird scooters. We went to LA for spring break and those were everywhere and they were so cool

  5. rougedlips

    I wish you would include the location of everything! That party looked amazing and the breakfast afterwards. Could you share where you went?!

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