The Acropolis & More in Athens

For my second day in Athens, I went to see the Acropolis, got stuck with too many strawberries, wandered the streets lined with shops, and explored more of the city. It is one of my favorite places!

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10 Replies to “The Acropolis & More in Athens”

  1. Travel-Blog-Repeat

    Just this morning I thought it'd be nice to see a new video of yours pop up, and lo and behold, when checking again in the afternoon, there is one! Love your vlogs, so much fun following along your trip 🙂

  2. oussama philo

    Hello . you are fine . Thank you for these scenes. I have a question please I want to go to Chile to study and I want to know Is Chile a secure country. Knowing I Arabic people do not want to touch upon the hurt out there. what do you think about this

  3. Δημήτριος Βασιλάκος

    Nice presentation!!! Actually it is not that usual to have such warm weather in May…it just so happened. Usually it gets hot as of mid June till mid-August and that's it. May is normally a very comfortable month with fresh breeze during the day and cool evenings

  4. Anna M.

    It is said how this street handler always pushing tourist to purchase what they don't want. If you say 6 pieces he should accept it. But yeah we think different.

  5. Jorge Castillo

    These videos about Greece made me miss that country so much. I think the only place apart from Argentina where I felt like home was Greece. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us 🙂

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