My First Q&A!

I loved answering a few of your questions and I hope this helps you guys get to know me a bit better ♥ ❀
WOW!! We are getting so close to 35,000!! You all are amazing☽

with love,

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△ @elenatber

△My music taste:

△Business Inquiries: If you are a company interested in working with me or wanting me to review a product, email me at

△This video is not sponsored, duh 🙂

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35 Replies to “My First Q&A!”

  1. Renee W

    I love you <33 So glad I found your channel a couple of months ago because I looove your style, personality, and you inspire me to be more adventurous. 🙂

  2. Ilian

    Glad to see I'm not the only one who wishes to live in various places throughout my life! love your channel <333

  3. Victoria Rose

    yes girl! you should so go to thailand. my sister just came back from a missions trip (she goes to San Diego Christian College) and she absolutely loved it

  4. Rasha Lama

    i just found your channel but i feel like we're long lost twins! im entering uni this fall majoring in international management and minoring in international development studies. also, that thoreau quote (i live by it) is from his book "walden" that i have just finished reading a week ago and is my ultimate inspiration. im just glad i found you! all the best xx

  5. annalyndell

    What's the name of the YouTuber she is saying when she says her goal is to make content as beautiful as hers?

  6. Shelby Ann

    I really want to go to PLNU for marketing!! I just applied so do you have any tips on the application process. Also during the phone interview what kind of questions they asked??

  7. Samanta Rizzi

    Wow you are really awesome 🙂 I wish I had parents like that, but my mum was a single parent and she never worked because of her depression so we were always struggling with money so whenever I made some extra cash I would help at home and buy supplies and stuff rather to spend it on myself. I do enjoy going to festivals and parties but recently I took a little break from that. It’s a dream of mine to see San Francisco or to go to Bali! I am from Europe btw 🙂 So far I’m loving your videos!

  8. FunWithSarah

    I kind of have the same background as you but the opposite 😂 I was born in the USA but at the age of 6 my family moved to France. It’s kind of weird because I’m not really patriotic to any of those countries even to I love both so much ❤️

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