I’M GOING HOME! Bangkok to New York – 24 hours of travel

It’s been an AMAZING journey, but now it’s time go home (temporarily). This definitely doesn’t mean the adventures are coming to an end. I had a great time exploring Thailand, India, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Laos, but I’m excited to show you what it’s like near my home in New York.

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40 Replies to “I’M GOING HOME! Bangkok to New York – 24 hours of travel”

  1. Michael Denton

    I been watching your vlog with NYC couple and this one -this one "i'm going home!" has me laughing like crazy here let me show you 0:52 no window, 1:06 fancy casey seats, 2:48 travel tip ahaha, welcome 6:11 check this out lol 7:15 what i talk'n bout 7:22 moo 7:40 and your family very awesome Steve, tho i am a bit late.

  2. Yumi Vilk

    You are very well loved. No wonder because you are a good guy. Im subscribing to your channel because I want you to be a good influence to everyone. More power to your channel

  3. Maristella Cedeno

    Hi, Steve. I'm your new sub from Cebu, Philippines. I just love your free spirit and adventurous soul… You remind me so much of my eldest son, Jace, because of your long hair and slim build. He doesn't couch surf though only web surfing. =) I have been to NYC a few times and I love it there! Glad you are home… you have great folks there.

    If ever you find yourself in my part of the world, do drop me a line. My family and I would love to meet you!

  4. Joe Flores

    MMM I bet that nice home-cooked meal was the best ever!! Thanks for your videos – new sub here and love your energy and personality. I'm now looking at traveling to Thailand and beyond thanks to your videos. Thanks man and keep up the great work!!!

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