Los Angeles Travel Guide

Our Los Angeles travel guide! A big guide for a big city, Los Angeles is truly inspiring. As a native of California, I’m delighted to share Los Angeles with you. P.S. Be sure to watch to the very end for a little surprise…

Thanks to our friends at Thomas Cook Airlines for flying us to Los Angeles. Thomas Cook Airlines fly DIRECT from Manchester Airport to Los Angeles from just £249.99

We went full Hollywood for our guide to Los Angeles. The food, the stories, the culture, we dip into all of it. Los Angeles has so many angles, ideas, layers that it’s hard to do it justice but we want to show you at least some of what makes Los Angeles such a compelling city.

Thanks to our friends at Six Taste for taking us on our Koreatown food adventure –

LA Hood Life Tours showed us a side of Los Angeles rarely seen by tourists

How we film our travel guides –

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30 Replies to “Los Angeles Travel Guide”

  1. PhantomOfDarkness

    i got away with doing lyft everywhere. it actually was a lot better on my anxiety as driving would have been very dangerous for me lol

  2. pato56

    Do a guide on Las Vegas and the Nevada area! We love your videos and have found them very informative for our USA trip next year 🙂

  3. Overland Generation

    I was swallowed by the city.. I took my 91 yr old grandfather across country on route 66.. Went to the beach from "perrys".. I made videos about our trip.. Channel is "Overland Generation" or you can google "Rob and Grandaddy" Thanks for video

  4. Michael Girod

    I've lived in LA my whole life and I thought this was a great guide to LA. You did a good job of conveying just how spread out it is and how much there is to do. I would definitely recommend going to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl or the Greek Theatre.

  5. Tushar Chugh

    I have been there in LA and LA, in particular, is my fav. city on the planet. there is nothing like LA on Earth.

  6. Francisco Leocádio

    Wow the cinematography for this video is mind blowing.

    I hope one day I can visit LA and surf there. 

    This video got me really motivated to work towards that goal.

    Thank you so much for all the info!

  7. Graham Townsley

    Thank you Alex , great guide. Been to LA a few times, absolutely love the city, very true ref traffic and patience. It is what it is and embrace. Love your work, also keeping entertained going to work with Layover Podcast. Keep up the excellent work and happy, healthy food eating 2019

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