Bye Bali, Hi Philippines (Get Wil Dasovich to 1 Mil)

From Bali to being reunited with the original vlog squad, there is a lot going on in life. One of my best friends, Wil Dasovich, received some really tough news and I hope you guys support him along this battle with cancer:

The Crew
Wil – (Wil to 1 Mil)
Haley (Egyptian Lady)
Daniel (Irish Dude)

Jako (The Boss)

Charry (Wil’s Mom)

Steve (Wil’s Dad)

Laura (My friend)

Bali Crew
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Fred’s Insta:
Julia’s Insta:

Yesterday’s vlog – I’m Moving to Bali (Bali House Hunters)

Ireland Pirate Vlog

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Aug, 2016

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44 Replies to “Bye Bali, Hi Philippines (Get Wil Dasovich to 1 Mil)”

  1. Lost LeBlanc

    If you guys want to know more about what Wil is fighting,

    He reads every comment and could really use your support.
    Let's Get Lost again in the next one.

  2. Eddie Hernandez

    wow!!! ever since i saw your channel man u you are awesome plus will desovich everyone like family to each other im proud to see everyone V-log even make me be inspire on here hope on day i would love to do one sometimes soon well hope the best you christain and the gang too.

  3. Crypto Sherpa

    Urgent! I Hope you Check this Option for Wil in N.Y.C.; Non -Invasive RadioSurgery 1st in the USA by Dr.Lederman in 2384 Broadway, N.Y.,N.Y. 212 Choices.

  4. Crypto Sherpa

    Urgent! I Hope you Check this Option for Wil in N.Y.C.; Non -Invasive RadioSurgery 1st in the USA by Dr.Lederman in 1384 Broadway, N.Y.,N.Y. 212 Choices.

  5. Kal Chum Chum

    I was just there at pier 39 a couple weeks ago. I wish one day i'll be good at vlogging like you Leblanc!

  6. Leonard Vlogs

    Great vlog! Here in Miami things are coming back to normal little by little after hurricane Irma. Can't wait for you to move to Bali. Haven't been able to watch your vlogs because I didn't have internet, but finally is back and my Irma vlog too. Be safe!

  7. AdventuRojas

    I can not wait, to go back to the Philippines and go home with my wife and make a video. I haven't been home for awhile!

  8. Zsolt Terpak

    Hello Christian, I do not watch telly either just watching at adventures of yours instead, a lot more fun haha! How do I find out about the intern thing you said in your video? 

    I lost my bro and mom to cancer but not all battle ends like this so all the fingers crossed for Wil, there is a lot of positivity and vitality around him which is extremely important but it is a tough & hard game! Cheers! Zsolt

  9. TP Hamad

    well you leave something anywhere you expect that it will not come back… it's not just in southeast asia but it's happening all over the world.. we've been to Europe and my friend lost her cell phone coz somebody stole it.. I think you should not generalize that if ur in asia whatever you have left will get lost.. as a traveller you must be responsible of ur things too

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