New & Old Friends in New York!

New York is a place that I can always come back to! In this video, we got a tour of the New York Times, had a meet-up, and I went to an amazing rooftop bar with views of the city! Normally when I am in New York, I spend a lot of time filming scenery. This visit (and video) was different because most of our time was spent meeting people, making new friends, and catching up with old friends.
Thank you to everyone that took the time to see us – we had such a great time!

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*We are not affiliated with or sponsored by the New York Times – we are just big fans!*


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25 Replies to “New & Old Friends in New York!”

  1. David Cannamela

    Another great video!! You got to do a lot while here!! That's awesome!! Next time let me know I'll get you to the north and south forks and the ferry to New England!! Or Josephine and I will take you two for a sail on Rasher!!! Loads of fun.

  2. DiscoverWithDima

    I like the Hilton Head hoodie 🙂 too bad I was stuck there (still am lol) that I couldn't come out to meet ya guys!

  3. Sweet V Here

    I think you went in my head and are going to places and want to go Mexico and Dubai. and have been places I have been FL, VA, NY

  4. Janet Alejandro

    your videos are my absolute favorite! I hope you and Livio have a great time this holiday season! 🙂

  5. costitravel

    I wish you peaceful and harmonious Christmas and a healthy New Year, many greetings !Take care of Liviu ! Costi

  6. RawrPat

    I hope I can go to your meet up next time you come to NYC. I had a final that day. I was really looking forward to meeting you two.

  7. Brace Brooks

    Cool video! I'm glad you Livio had a great time there with the people you all met up with. I visited NYC back in September of 2015. I traveled there alone, and explored some of Manhattan but stayed with a family I knew there in Queens, NY. That's my #1 favorite city, just based off the way it looks.

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