LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY: Erik Conover New York Vlog 3.15.16

LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY: Erik Conover New York Vlog 3.15.16
March 15th, 2016


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43 Replies to “LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY: Erik Conover New York Vlog 3.15.16”

  1. goldenfire5

    I'm so sorry you're hurting, Erik. Try an Epsom salt bath. You're young and in great shape; that's in your favor for recovery.

  2. Timothy Goudy

    No offense, but you should not have anyone stretch out your hurt back, prior to seeing a specialist.

  3. Cedric Van Bockel

    Erik! Bend those knees I suggest. Especially when lifting stuff. On my job I have to lift a lot of heavy weight and I also sometimes forget to bend from the knees and lift from my calves/legs. I've had my fair share of sudden back pains aswell! So a big tip is to really be aware of how you lift or go down to grab things from the floor. But I guess you might have already known what I just suggested, since you go to the gym often!

  4. gedankee536

    Maybe a chiropractor could help-did wonders for a friend of mine who fell down the stairs and couldn't properly walk after. She went to a chiropractor for 3 appointments and after that her back healed very quickly:)
    Sending good vibes your way! Take care, it will get better:)

  5. User

    Erik I think you should check out the "Night Therapy iCoil 13 Inch Mattress- Full" .. I've had it for a year, and I truly recommend it! It helps out with back pain too, it's so comfy and inexpensive! They have it on amazon and Sams club.

  6. Samantha Lambert

    Please please please look up Tuft and Needle for a mattress! The are the best! Look at YouTube videos on them. It's like memory foam but firmer!

  7. Sid Parks

    I also have a bad back from an injury at work I'm still seeking treatment they may possibly want to do surgery I also bought a new bed and it was exact one that you and Jessica were laying on the queen size pillow top beauty rest and it has help my back tremendously stay positive good vibes✌️😎

  8. The R E V O L T Code

    A heating pad will definitely help ease the pain. Lay on one for a few hours if possible. I did that for a pinched nerve and I felt great after a couple days.

  9. theTreesandme

    Have you considered seeing a chiropractor? I have a finicky back and I find that a good chiro can keep me feeling good and fix injuries quickly. I think primary care docs often dismiss them but that's a mistake imo.

  10. Alexa Prok

    I only found out about this channel a couple of days ago and I've literally been watching 15 videos of yours a day! Loving these vlogs so much! And hope that your back get better!

  11. Sara Haerens

    I have gone through the same last year. After a month the pain was over. Hope its the same like me. Im a professional dancer so i need my back a lot like you do. But normally the fitter you are the less likley its going to be bad. Good luck 🙂

  12. Juliette T

    Sending good vibes for your back Erik! Hurting your back is so scary, cos everything you do involves using it in some way. The worst thing is that you can't do any exercise 🙁 just have to rest it. I've had a long term back injury before, it was a tweaked disk and the physio said I'd have back pain the rest of my life. But after 2.5 years I'm back to normal! It can be done, just have positive thinking!

  13. Octavia Carla

    I'm so sorry to hear that the back accident is worse😕 Sending good and positive vibes from Romania, hoping you'll get better ASAP!!! xx

  14. Gary Palmer

    +Erickconver I had the same problem , and i manage to pop my back into place where ever it was hurting so the only problem i have is the pain it's that remain.

  15. Gary Palmer

    +Erickconver I had the same problem , and i manage to pop my back into place where ever it was hurting so the only problem i have is the pain it's that remain.

  16. ruby

    hey Eric I had neck pain for over almost two years straight. My pain came out of nowhere. I didn't really see progress until I made a conscious effort to try and do things like keep a good posture. Plus I had to buy a desk and a good chair because I was use to doing work on my bed. I also went to physical therapy for a few months. After all this, my pain slowly went away and I get the occasional flare up but I'm lucky it went away. Hope you're well, and if you find out you have nothing serious I suggest you get a good massage

  17. Nikita Jetto

    Erik, don't worry for even a second. Even if it is a slipped disc, it can be fixed. There are worse things in this world than slipped discs. You just take care of yourself and stay positive. Sending you lots and lots of good vibes! 😊

  18. Alexandra Gaytan

    Love how positive and appreciative you all are. You guys are right it is all about the little things like sunsets and birds. 🙂 sending good vibes and prayers your way

  19. Gabi cote

    hi eric and jess i just wanted to say thank you guys soo much these videos brighten my day soo much and i love you guys you guys make me so happy ☺

  20. EY W

    hope you recover quickly! the struggle with not being able to work out is really unfortunate esp when you were so consistent before. but some things are just outside of our control. also your hair looks really good long!

  21. Hannah Kathryn

    I totally relate! Right now, I have a foot injury that could be a stress fracture, I'm are going to get an MRI as well. I'm a runner and having to take time off just frustrates me so much. Especially since track season is right now and my meets start in two weeks… it's so hard. Honestly we just have to breathe and relax and learn the life lesson God is giving us.

  22. DustinTunes

    sending lots of love and positive energy your way. Your back will heal i promise. thanks again for another great video

  23. Daniel Karim

    Sorry Erk , you  suffer.. Be well soon . Best wishes Love and  Hugs. To you Jeccica and Family..from Germany

  24. Livijaneskawaiixoxo

    Even if the back injury is serious, there is always an important lesson behind every detrimental happening. Sending the best of hopes and vibes your way <3

  25. Stephan Vogelius

    Hi Eric
    I also surf and I know how much it sucks to be injured. I have been injured multiple times. So get well soon.

    Regards from Oxford uk

  26. camivasquez

    I know how it feels because I dance ballet and at the beginning of March I pulled my groin, so I couldn't go to class. Now that I'm being able to go to class again I feel really out of shape and my flexibility is not at its best but I just taking it slowly. So… I hope you get better soon Erik, good luck.

  27. Tiffany Dew

    Yeah the back is no joke! I have Sciatica. When my back problems first started at one point I couldn't walk and my dad had to call the ambulance. Then I was out from work for over a month. I still have problems, but nothing like in the beginning. But yeah, make sure you take care of that before it gets bad. A new mattress definitely helps. I hope you feel better soon!

  28. Melanie Heart

    I have terrible back problems! And I'm super active! I dance about 6 hours a day, and my back used to kill me!! I went to a chiropractor and he saw my right leg was 1 1/2 inches shorter than my left leg, so I got an adjustment and I felt so much better! But I highly HIGHLY recommend a foam mattress!!! It molds to your back and it feels so nice!!!!! I hope this help! Love the vlogs!!!! 😀

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