My first experience staying at a hostel

Sharing my thoughts on my first time at a hostel. Very affordable, but is it worth it? Follow me right now on ALL THE THINGS:

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12 Replies to “My first experience staying at a hostel”

  1. RD

    Fun and interesting chat video STL! Good showing people who can't stay in a hotel what it's like to still vacation on more of a budget. I'm glad the experience was valuable and totally worth the Helicopter views!

  2. Jose Marques

    When I lived in Hawaii I frequent going to Kauai, it is my favorite island! I did the helicopter tour and the cats stab your if the napali coast 🙂

    What’s your favorite island?

  3. SuperFro

    Wow, I’ve never stayed at a hostel before. It’s great to her about the plus and minus. thank you Steph.

  4. Travel & Lifestyle around the world 2332

    It's my third time I watch the replay, It's amazing Steph!
    Keep up the great wrk. Bless you dear.
    Love & Respect 🌷

  5. Alber Frazenbraum

    Oh, when I made a trip through Europe I had to stay at hostels because it's cheap. I had visited many of them, mostly the quality is lower than the hotel, but if you are going just to spend a night in there – that's enough. I had several funny situations.
    1. How strange is it possible to sound if I'll say that I was accommodated in the mixed room. I made a mistake, as a reception girl said, to book the wrong room. I have never heard something like that!
    2. The Indians' hostel honers demanded to leave our rooms from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. Explaining this to tidying the rooms up. But when we came back – nothing changed. The question was – What were they doing there alone?

    Not to increase the message too much I'll stop on this, but there many, many others …

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