Simple Advanced Selfie Challenge: What does it take to get the perfect self-portrait photo?

Simple Advanced Selfie Challenge: What does it take to get the perfect self-portrait photo?

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Which photo was your favourite from this series.

Another example video of how I take my Advanced Selfies showing you the entire process from conceptualisation to completion. I hope you enjoy seeing me create these Advanced Selfies. You know I love it!

Here in this video you see the importance of referencing other photos or paintings or any other sources of inspiration to help you to create. This is a method often used to help kick start your creative juices, just like it did here in my video.

Thank you boyfriendo for the flowers you sexy human you! I love you!

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Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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42 Replies to “Simple Advanced Selfie Challenge: What does it take to get the perfect self-portrait photo?”

  1. Jen Marino

    Literally wish I looked like you to take the most stunning self portraits. You're so beautiful and talented ! Love your videos . Those flowers were devine ! 😍

  2. pile333

    Do you also develop photographic films in the traditional way?
    I mean using dark chamber, traditional films, real greyscale film photos, etc..
    I still find that the "real" photography.

  3. Adam Baird

    Seeing this really is an inspiration to me as a model. I decided that I am going to take the advanced selfie class so that I no longer need to depend on booking gigs to find work. Thank you for the extra push that I needed!

  4. Charles Smith

    Sorelle the word you are looking for at 0:45 is Chairoacuro: treatment [or play] of light & shade in art. It was put on my radar from reading Dr Betty Edwards. I follow that hashtag on IG. I think it would benefit from your contribution.

  5. Amanda Woehl

    You are fabulous as aways! I really like when you do indoor photos with a low light. Gives me a lot of help because is not always I can take my photos during the sun light and I have to figure how to make it work during the night when I get home.

    So thank you! You are amazing!

  6. punkfish495

    i too prefer the dark and moody photos need to get some more done actually. I tried some boudoir selfies and its damn hard on your own! Also very exhausting, afterwards id felt as if id done several hours in a row in the gym haha. Your work is amazing!

  7. wood1155

    Wow those paintings are amazing, stunning ! I see why you like them.

    Yup that is a great shot you took ! Your BF did good very beautiful flowers too.

  8. Quantum The Rose

    Some of the poses with props in this video are some of the most luxurious pics you’ve posted. It’s hard to remember that they are still minimalist because it is basically just flowers or mirrors and you. It goes to show that the over use of the worlds resources is not necessary for aesthetic luxury. If good aesthetics is actually good for the soul, spirit, mind and health as we have thought for many centuries, perhaps it does not need to be expensive, unsustainable or destructive. The business world must sponsor at least as much as they advertise so that they are giving back to the community. What better thing to sponsor than what is good for the soul, mind, health and sustainable world health.

  9. Hillbilly FPV

    My gosh.. u need to be in the Movies!! A few pics have made me think of u in anything from action hero to romance.. I'd take either or.. 😋 You'd make a bad a$$ action hero!!

  10. Eli G

    Why am i not surprised to see more and more nude selfies of your recently? You're more than a body and seeing you using these kind of pictures over and over again in your thumbnails is really really disappointing

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