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Paris Travel Vlog | June 27th, 2016
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Erik Conover Video Blog episode 413: Day 4 in Paris switching to a different hotel, Jess buys her first Chanel Purse, dinner on the Seine River!

Molitor Hotel with the cool pool:

Amazing Restaurant on the Seine Les Bouquinistes:


Atout France Tourism:


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The Best of Swing

Suzanne Vega – Tom’s Diner (DNA 12” Remix

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45 Replies to “Paris Travel Vlog”

  1. Johanna D

    I'm actually living in the appartement that is literally in front of the Hotel Molitor, still can't believe you came that close to where I live and I didn't get to see you

  2. Zola Bold

    Aawwww I have been at Molitor Hotel. So comfy and the pool is amazing!!! They have an American bar I remember. Love this vlog. Thanks guys!

  3. Diana Pop

    I truly appreciate how you both have such a strong desire for the little pleasures in life that so many have forgotten. I almost came to tears when Jessica talked about how her new Chanel would only only have wear from her and no one else. Those are qualities very few of us appreciate and truly understand. Thank you for that. Thank you so much. Love your blogs! Keep keeping it real!

  4. Ally Gillam

    where is Jess' sweater from?! it is so cute!
    you guys look like you're having the best time!! i just visited NYC yesterday and did a bunch of the things you guys showed in your vlogs 🙂 all love for you 2!

  5. Sahar Yearwood

    Jess was born to be a model. She is so elegant and so confident. Even if she isn't trying to pose, she still has such grace like she was posing. She is such a natural, that's why I love her so much.

  6. Nico Birtwistle

    I'm going to Paris with my boyfriend soon and I'd would absolutely love to visit the 'v' of Paris, where can I find it?

  7. Wildhoney

    one thing is puzzling me tho, how aren't people dressed to kill in Paris? I thought it was the fashion capital of the world!

  8. Ken Bernardez

    However Paris may appear and whatever the weather may look like, it is designed to look best wherever corner you see it. It's perfect.

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