CHIANG MAI FOOD VLOG | Thailand Travel Vlog 039, 2017 | Digital Nomad

Chiang Mai Food Vlog featuring our new fav chicken spot and later on some FroYo cinematics I had some fun with (starts at 5 minutes). Typical life of a digital nomad in Chiang Mai Thailand, we love it!

Chiang Mai is full of some great food options regardless if you are just here to travel, or living for a longer nomad lifestyle.


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We’re Dane & Stacey and we travel full time. Unlike most travel vloggers we move to a country for a few months and rent a villa or apartment. Our channel shows what it’s like to immerse into cultures by exploring, eating traditional cuisine and living a life similar to locals while still hunting out our western wants and needs!

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Joakim Karud – Shine

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18 Replies to “CHIANG MAI FOOD VLOG | Thailand Travel Vlog 039, 2017 | Digital Nomad”

  1. rheyzon algordo

    hi anything edit, a kiwiman i hope you not offend to called you like that but i enjoy to watch your video, yes its a rainy day in thailand the same here in philippines hi to your beautiful girlfriend, enjoy to stay there

  2. Made In Aotearoa NZ

    Swagg 4 days in that raincoat 😂 that yoghurt tho 👌 costs about the same maybe a lil more expensive there.

  3. Jeremy Daly

    Loving the videos keep posting!! if you could travel anywhere in the world to make videos where would you go!?

  4. Michael Lima

    Did you switch the camera or your settings just before you stepped into the Yogurtory? The colours were really nice! You should do more videos in that setting, whatever it is.

  5. Rizzo Blizzo

    Anthony, own of Den Bar in Nimman Village told me about that chicken shack. Go see Anthony sometime, he's a hoot.

  6. nzchrisgirl

    Damn it Dane, firstly how dare you be off living your dream while the rest of us are cold and miserable back home in Auck😝, secondly Changi Mai has just jumped way up higher on our travel list. Looks amazing there.

    I'm such a fan of avoiding the tourist food stops and going full local, it's the best way to do it.

  7. Sara Mao Chhooy

    Hi guys! Would love to know the location/name of the chicken place you went to! Keen to check it out when I’m in Chiang Mai

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