Swimming with WHALE SHARKS in Oslob, Cebu Philippines

Location: Oslob, Cebu Philippines

If you are visiting the island of Cebu, swimming with the whale sharks in Oslob is a MUST-DO experience. Oslob Cebu is one of the best and most consistent places to swim with Whale Sharks. Since the fishermen of Oslob feed the whale sharks daily, they come back every day. If you pay for the snorkeling you are almost guaranteed to see whale sharks!

On the day that we went on the snorkeling tour there were nine whale sharks! We got to encounter four of these gentle giants while we were in the water!

The biggest draw back to the entire whale shark experience is the crowds of people. Since Oslob has become know as for this tourist attraction, hoards of people flock to the beach every morning to swim with the whale sharks.

If you want to know what it’s like to swim with a 25 foot whale shark, check out this video!

We’d like to say thanks to Just One Way Ticket for the inspiring video “Snorkeling with Whale Sharks in Oslob Philippines [ GoPro Hero 3+ Black ]” that lead us to Oslob!

We also have to give thanks to @GoPro and their inspiring video Gopro: whale shark dive in the Philippines

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25 Replies to “Swimming with WHALE SHARKS in Oslob, Cebu Philippines”

  1. Jessy Zich

    Please do the research before you choose encounters with animals. Oslob is not a place to ethically swim with whale sharks. The WWF encourages people to not swim here. It's unnatural to be feeding them year round. Check out Exmouth, Australia for eco friendly ethical encounters with whale sharks that are regulated by the Department of Conservation.

  2. John Paul Paquibot Cebu Real Estate

    hi Kara and Nate… im a real estate broker in Cebu Philippines, is it okay for you if share 2% commission if any of your subscribers invest in Mandani Bay a condo in Cebu ?

  3. faire

    Aww it’s saddens me that you didn’t Philippines as much! But hey currently binge watching your videos and they are awesome!!


    Seems like you guys did not enjoy your trip to PH, Ive seen the rest of PH vlogs. Sad 😢 btw new subbie here.

  5. roscel isip

    Im you fan! Been watching your Vlogs for several months when I decided to check if you happen to visit the Philippines.

    Too bad you weren't able to see much of its places but I hope you can try to go back again here. You should consider going to Balabac Island in Palawan. It's amazing and totally not crowded. 😉

  6. Pablo Molina

    Swimming with whale sharks in Cebu is supporting animal abuse. There is a protected area in Donsol, still in Philippines, where they don't feed them or allow turists to touch them, as by touching them, they can contract diseases. It is a bit sad that through this channel, things like this can be promoted to all your followers 🙁

  7. The Gentleman Voyager

    I heard the whale sharks there are treated somewhat unethically because they are baited or forced into an area they wouldn't normally go to. I imagine they also experience stress from seeing so many humans swimming around. It's hard to see animals in an ethical way these days unfortunately.

  8. Ava Kleinmeier

    Kara and Nate are a perfect couple not only are they very good looking together they have that vibe to me that they never fight and if you see them in public you just know that they are happy together

  9. Lubus Maximus

    Whales are cool, ive swam with em', they are ancient, like humans, but the whale has a better temperment, probably why they can push 200 hundred no prob, same with the tortise, you can see the way they are torting around, taking it nice and easy, thats the trick ya know, yes sir i reckn anything that lives 100 plus years has the right approach to life, (i recently learned lobsters live 100+ years, so i stopped eating them, lookin at the guy on my plate, knowin' hes born in 1818, gotta respect my elders)

  10. justine dalipe

    Aww lol. I've been binging your videos for the last couple of days and was excited to see one where you went to the Philippines. I feel like you did this trip wrong, though! The Philippines has so many hidden treasures that are absolutely amazing. Ah, at least this is an older video. I kind of feel like this wasn't the most respectful to the Filipino culture , but like I said, at least this was just an older video ><.

  11. Cebu City Tour

    This is one of the highlight in #cebu#whaleshark because it is an upclose encounter with this beautiful gentle whale sharks. You can just to snorkeling and if you're good in free diving it will be great.. Thanks for putting this experience in your vlog. 🙂

  12. Planes, Trains, Everything.

    Despite the controversy behind swimming with these sharks, it's still an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing with us.

  13. Akira Gatling

    Just found this channel and I love it !! Currently binging all 590 travel vlogs only on #10 can’t wait to see the rest✈️😆

  14. shanae clark

    I am gonna have to start traveling around the US until I can afford to leave the US I feel so ready now thanks y'all

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