PUB STREET NIGHT LIFE SIEM REAP | Cambodia Travel Vlog 015, 2017

Siem Reap to check out the nightlife scene on Pub Street in 2017, Cambodia style with some cheap beer. I f*ck up a few times, with the help of some background noise. Some drunken antics. We checkout pub street and try some fried ice cream.

Siem Reap was our favourite spot in Cambodia, for the most part I think because it was more relaxed and it was fun to walk around Pub Street, eat some amazing pizza and drink loads of cheap beer! If you’re taking a vacation to Siem Reap be sure to check it out.

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Music by Ehrling

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8 Replies to “PUB STREET NIGHT LIFE SIEM REAP | Cambodia Travel Vlog 015, 2017”

  1. Khpnm penh

    We were in Cambodia for 11 days and spent 6 days in Siem Reap. We stayed at this Boutique place called “Sumeru Boutique Hotel and Spa”, not trying to brag but the place was absolutely a gem. If youre travelling in Cambodia I definitely recommend the smaller boutique hotels than the large ones which mostly cater to mass Chinese tourist groups. This should be a given but read reviews before you book, Honestly the best 6 days in Cambodia 😀

  2. Original Space

    That Gecko was amazing – honestly thought it was part of decor straight off – this video could go straight into the Tourism Board's portfolio – a little more poverty and cockroaches wouldn't hurt, mate – and the boozing……guys……..:-)

  3. Nara Nara

    Haha I'm also Cambodian. But I haven't go to Pup street yet. Man I going to go to Seam Reap on Khmer New Year Day.Thank for the video Love you all guy😍😍😍

  4. stitchergary

    You travel in luxury… when I arrived in the little airport in Siem Reap I rode in a Tuk Tuk to my $8US/night hotel… Planning on retiring in less than a year and will spend winters in SE Asia with Cambodia as my home base (easy visa) and then travel to other countries from there… You make interesting videos, even with the fashionable skirt…

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