Madrid – Part II

My last day in Madrid could not have been any better. To start off the day, I walked to Retiro Park in a light rain, where I found enchanting groves of flowering trees, wild parrots, and the lovely Palacio de Cristal. I then visited a cat cafe, where I cuddled some adorable cats, and had coffee at a bookstore / coffeeshop. After that, I headed to the Templar de Debod, and got to explore a 2,200 year old Egyptian temple right in the center of Madrid. I also watched the sunset, and then wandered through the city at night. I will definitely miss this city!

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5 Replies to “Madrid – Part II”

  1. Molten74

    Really nice architecture.The cat cafe was the best though😸.Dont worry i wont tell caspian you were cheating on him😹

  2. Beltran Village

    Espero que lo pasaras muy muy bien en Madrid , Somos muy buena gente y hay muchisimas cosas que hacer y descubrir en Madrid !!

  3. Laurel S

    Youtube just recommended your channel to me. I too love to travel and currently deciding to go to Mexico or Spain (learning Spanish and want to improve my speaking skills as well.) I'm nervous to travel alone as a female, but you are inspiring me that it can be done! Look forward to watching more of your videos for ideas of where I want to go! Thanks for uploading your adventures!

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