The Hardest Travel Days – RAW Travel Vlog

To travel to beautiful destinations around the world, you sometimes have to experience things that are not so beautiful. This is a raw vlog to share a 48 hour travel day as we start in Gili T Indonesia and end in Miami Florida. PS. It’s 2018 and still nobody has figured out teleportation. Ridiculous.

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Uploaded – 2018

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23 Replies to “The Hardest Travel Days – RAW Travel Vlog”

  1. Scolopente

    Just thinking. Priority Pass has to be nailed on for a promo pitch from you. Just ask for free lounge access in return for mentioning them in every video where you travel by air. Win win IMO.

  2. ByAdeline

    Christian, I am 95% sure you did it already, but just in case I would suggest to inform your bank, as well as the Canadian authority. It happened to one of my friends and she got a call from her bank one day asking if she was really buying a house in some countries in East Europe. That's crazy! They should not be allowed to do that, and I would request Qatar Airline to provide a list of the information they gathered on you.

  3. Richard Bingham

    A great vlog Denpasar was the worst airport we experienced on our travels in asia delays at check-in it clearly a small airport trying to act like a big one I think it needs expanding, wow was really surprised about the Qatar they are always regarded quite high I have never flown with them but asking for all that information is terrible I would vote with your wallet and stay away in the future.

  4. Elmodeen's Guide

    Come to Sri Lanka(Colombo), you can stay at my air bnb property for free 🙂 I seriously can't wait to see your Sri Lankan vlogs it'll be epic!

  5. korygrandy

    I've had that check when I booked with a card that I had cancelled prior to the actual flight. Airlines flagged it as fraud and it was a rat race to get onto the plane.

  6. Cindy Khosiga

    Etihad also told us to send a prove like a picture of the banking statement that they’ve charged us for the flight tickets to their email (at least 18 hours before the flight) and we’re also paying with credit card, i think it’s for the security purpose and i think it happened because we bought a flight ticket with other currency and not in usd. we bought one way flight from bali – new york.

  7. Jay PF

    Canadian here as well. Love your vids. I love love my Amex Platinum for the perks, esp the lounge! They're so much more relaxing and take the edge off the airport stress. The Cobalt is meh, however it depends on how merchants code themselves. My fav grocery stores don't accept Amex, so I miss out on the 5X the points, and the site I use to book most of my travel its a lower redemption value than through expedia or amex direct, so doesn't work for me. A really nice other option seems to be RBC Avion, however takes a long time to accumulate!


    for some reason, i actually like then things don't go the way they are planned when traveling, i don't know why o like it maybe because i like surprises.

  9. Linda Sun

    If you have Altitude Privileges Elite 50K (or even 35K I think) with air canada or any other airlines that's part of star alliances, then you can get lounge access in basically every single country. There is also priority line and bags. definitely look into it. it will make your travel so much better. Best part is the free food in the lounge!

  10. Rupam Roy

    You just gave it away? Oh i so enjoy these rubbings because i always rub it back to them so that their skin burns!!

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