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Hey I am Monica Church a 21 year old girl who loves makeup, fashion, beauty, and film! Put those all together and you have “hairodynamic”. On this channel I create hauls, tutorials, lookbooks, outfit ideas, back to school, and DIY videos- check them out!

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47 Replies to “My Fitness Routine”

  1. Matt S

    I don't know whether you'll be able to make it to Toronto before the leukaemia fundraiser but one of the practice locations could be the CN Tower a lot of steps good practice for what you're doing later in the month it may be out of your way it was just a thought

  2. Lily Lee Tracy

    I get winded going up like 5 stairs hahaha so I'm proud of you, and I'm inspired to get back in shape!

  3. Julia Oakland

    When you said "I'm going to climb up the Columbia tower" I was like, are you secretly Spiderman? If not, please don't die. 😂

  4. Hannah Bettis

    Monica if you want to build your upper body, core strength, and especially leg strength then you should try out rock climbing! It's so fun for flexibility too and you don't even realize that it's working out!

  5. Grace Tannen

    I was just thinking about how I wanted to do something for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. That's wonderful! ❤️️❤️️❤️️

  6. Bob Davis

    Who else thought that when she said she was climbing up a building thought she was climbing up the walls outside…….
    Only me ok.😐😐😐😐

  7. Andrea Derkum

    I LOVE YOUR VLOGS! They're my favorite because they're so artsy and super cool travel montages. I get excited every time you upload one!

  8. MythicalStorm

    Was anyone like… well she said it was important but I mean… do I have to? But it's important so I guess… maybe I have to?

  9. Anonymous hobo

    I'm a gymnast and I got offended when she said that she hates gym…I thought she was talking about a gymnastics gym not a workout gym😂😂😂

  10. Zoe Delane

    I‘m not doing anything today but I‘ll check out your vlogs:) btw I just hit 400 subscribers! If anyone wants to support each other each other comment here!

  11. lolochic

    This is so cool!!! I'm doing something similar. This Sunday I'm running the LA Marathon with World Vision to bring clean water to the Congo!

  12. Jordyn Bateman

    I remember watching you YEARS ago with only a couple hundred subscribers. So cool to see your journey and growth over the years.

  13. Nebil Fetwi

    you all should watch her vlogs, not only will it be supporting an important cause it is also a awesome channel!

  14. Annabelle F

    I've done this with my older sister! Literally, your thighs are going to hurt! 😭 I'm so happy youre doing this.

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