The Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur are iconic in Malaysia, in this vlog we check them out and share some Petronas Tower Facts. But first, a Penang to Kuala Lumpur flight. ⬇ Click ‘Show More’ to expand ⬇

We start off the day in Penang, this time we fly to Kuala Lumpur instead of taking the train – it definitely made better use of time. Malaysia has been pretty easy to travel, as of 2017 the flights, trains and buses have all been excellent.

We’re bound for KL though, to check into our new accomodation and scope out the Petronas Twin Towers – we share some facts, explore a bit more of Kuala Lumpur and enjoy one of our last nights in Malaysia.

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36 Replies to “PETRONAS TWIN TOWERS FACTS – PENANG TO KUALA LUMPUR FLIGHT | Malaysia Travel Vlog 090, 2017”

  1. Larry Shaw

    Hey There,You guys should check out the Merdeka Square in the evening around 8pm,the Blue Pond(river) is beautiful.

  2. Here,s Harv

    Another Cool vlog Guy's. I Have been to Thailand many times and was wondering what country you would suggest for my next trip. Vietnam looked awesome from your eyes. If you get bored come over and check out some of my adventures on Here,s Harv. can't wait to see where your off to next 🙂

  3. M F

    Go to Masjid Jamek and Merdeka Square and try to go to KL Gallery and then try to go to Putrajaya, Malaysia Administrative city, there you can try hot air balloon and river cruise

  4. Daryl Tan

    You can try sky bar at traders hotel for a great view of the towers and skyline. They have balcony seats with stunning views. Drinks prices are a bit on the high side for local standards but worth a visit.

  5. Steven Oliver

    It does cost more getting from KLIA into the city than if you had used a bus or train that arrived in the center.

  6. Mark Taylor

    Petronas Twin Towers…Yup, A tourist trap…. but still have to check them when you're in KL…. Looking forward to your videos and your new discoveries as well. Happy travelling, stay safe and keep em rolling!!

  7. Ijlal Afique

    Don't forget to breakfast NASI LEMAK WANJO at KAMPUNG BARU . You have to que up tho . Hehehe . Best breakfast ever in KL

  8. June Bug

    If you are still in KL. You’ve got to visit Kampung Baru. You can go there by LRT. It’s an alternative to Jalan Alor. They serve Malay , some Thai and some Indonesian street foods.

  9. Les Lampman

    Hey you two, nice vid! I may fly to KL in a month to get a new Thai visa. Last time I was there I used the KLIA2 Ekpres train. If I use Uber how long a ride is that? And what is the approximate cost?


  10. WanderEats

    Awww… sad you guys didn't decide to extend your stay in Penang cos its such an amazing place. Nevertheless, safe travels to the next destination!

  11. Aaron Costello

    Hi… another awesome vlog… slowly working my way through your vlogs.. keep it up… if you ever to HK … be cool to meet you both.

  12. Abdallah Ahmed

    Going there next March ,,,,, u guys look good together, I would like to know if she has a sister 😅

  13. Jimmy Lager

    Fun fact! The bridge was not intended to be there from the beginning, but as one of the towers started to lean during construction, the bridge was an add.on solution, and it still works. 🙂 It was said that it was in the original plans, but it wasn't.

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