IS THIS REAL!? OUR CRUISE BOAT TOUR | Sail Croatia Cruise Explorer | Day 1 of 8

Day 1 of our Sail Croatia Cruise on the Explorer tour and in this vlog we do a boat tour. This yacht is stunning and will be ⬇ Click ‘Show More’ ⬇

It’s time for a boat tour! Sail Croatia is known for it’s Navigator cruise, it’s more tailored towards the party vibe and younger crowds. We were so pleased to hear they also offer multiple other cruises and the Explorer cruise was right up our alley! Check out the Sail Croatia Explorer Cruise here:

In this vlog we tour the boat and show you our home for the next 7 nights – it’s an amazing yacht, cruise, boat what ever you want to call it, we’re happy! The cruise will take us down the coast line and out to some islands and a national park as well.

This is only the first of perhaps 5 or 6 vlogs from this cruise, so be sure to subsciber to follow along and see more of what this explorer boat tour is all about.

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35 Replies to “IS THIS REAL!? OUR CRUISE BOAT TOUR | Sail Croatia Cruise Explorer | Day 1 of 8”

  1. Pamela Miller

    The boat looks lovely. How much for this cruise? Croatia is beautiful and can feel what a good time you guys are having! You are quite blessed!

  2. Dave Hooker

    WOW! Tell you something, my wife has been asking me to go on a cruise so many times But I could not think of being stuck of a boat for a extended time.. Well You have changed that, going to tell her now Changed my mind! But we have to fly to Croatia first. Thank you guys..

  3. J Virtue

    Love love love this – brings back memories. I did a Sail Croatia Explorer cruise 2 years ago and it was the best thing ever!! Would do it again in a heartbeat 💕

  4. Gloria

    Hi guys! I have found your videos a few days ago and I absolutely love all of them, I'm obsessed with your editing and style. I'm traveling to Germany soon, so your videos have been very helpful. Also, I'm from Croatia, so if you need any recomendations I'd be happy to help 🙂

  5. Delightful Travellers

    Well this looks straight up amazing! I honestly thought all these Croatia Sail tours were party boats. This is right up our alley as it seems low key and well.. you have your own bathroom. (we're also a little older 😉ha) Thanks for showing us this you guys! #srsly – Trevor

  6. Lauren Edmunds

    Croatia has officially been added to my bucket list 😁

    Have been loving your videos for a while, the camera / editing work is excellent (and i really enjoy your laidback style to travel). Thanks for sharing your adventures!

  7. silvia h

    Makarska and Biokovo are gorgeous….I spent ten summer holidays there and get emotional every time I see this beautiful place…thank you

  8. Ana Pivac

    Hi 🙂 I follow you for some time now and I was stunned when I saw you visited Makarska 🙂 I live in Makarska and I work for "Makarski Jadran" (10:07), boat where you had fish. Hope you had a great time here 🙂

  9. derbigpr500

    Now visit Slavonia and the northern parts of the country too, like Zagorje above Zagreb, where you can experience peaceful and very clean ancient forests, beautiful green hills and a region with some of the highest amount of castles per area in the world. 😛 Also, Velebit, Dinara and Biokovo are worth visiting too if you're into mountains. Look at these videos for example:
    Does it even seem possible that this is Croatia too? Remember Croatia is SO MUCH MORE than just the beautiful coastline and islands which 99% of people seem to focus all their attention on. 😛

  10. Aleksandar Gospić

    Yesterday you appeared in my recommendations so here I am, likeable couple, joy to watch your videos! 🙂 By now I guess you figured out Kraljica Jelena means Queen Jelena, what a beautiful boat! Glad you are enjoying Croatia. Although I'm from Croatia, I also have a travel bug and travel a lot globally, but I think I can say without bias that this is quite an amazing place and country. That backdrop of Biokovo mountain range, towering above Makarska, always takes my breath away, no matter how many times I've seen it! It gives Makarska amazing vibe, it is like mountain resort, but on the crystal blue sea 🙂 From the few shots you put in the end I guess this tour is already done, and it looks like a blast! If it fits your schedule while you are still in Croatia, you should come to Zadar, it is beautiful city, and I will even give you free tour in the car to show you amazing places we have around. I'm photographer, hiker and explorer so I know every rock around and perfect scenic places, so think about it 🙂

  11. Josip Radica

    One funfact, the name of your ship "Kraljica Jelena" means Queen Jelena, she was queen regent of Croatian Kingdoom in 10. th Century and that period is known of peace and prosperity. Her grave and sarcophagus was found in Solin, a few kilometer further of split with this epitaph: "In this grave rests Helen the Glorious, wife of King Michael, mother of King Stephen. She ruled/ brought peace to the Kingdom. On the 8th day of October 976 from the incarnation of Our Lord….. she was buried here. During her life as Queen she was also mother of orphans and protectress of widows. May those who look here say: God have mercy upon her soul.[1]"

  12. Trisha Rudra

    I was tied up with work and couldn't catch your cruise videos…but here I am now…time for back-to-back binging 😀 I'm sooo jealous, hehe.. gosh, you had the time of your lives didn't ya? Just wow, and soooooooo beautiful; the waters, the greenery, the mountains… AND, the boat, omg!! The suite was AMAZING! I wish I can travel too one day!

  13. Travellers Relish

    That definitely looks like an amazing experience even as you said it feels unreal while on the restaurant boat, It looks pretty unreal and beautiful.

  14. Rowena M

    Wow that looks amazing, awesome vlog guys!. Just moved over to Brisbane from NZ so I’m tryna catch up on all your vlogs ✌️🤙

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