Erik Conover Video Blog Ep.252 MACY’S THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE 2015
NOVEMBER 25th, 2015


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  1. Gary Palmer

    I thought i was going crazy when i keep hearing Charlie Brown music in the background and am like didn't u just left the Parade why that music still playing lol

  2. Linnea Beighley

    I walked to the beach last night to look at the moon. It's cool that we were both admiring the same moon at probably the same time. Happy thanksgiving from Florida

  3. maria fernanda mds

    Their families don't get along? I'm a new subscriber and I watched the proposal video, also… Are they married? Anywayssss I'm loving the vlogs!! 🙂

  4. Mieke Janssen

    Where I'm from we ride our bikes all year long! Even if it snows! 🙂 Great vlog guys! Happy holidays.

  5. Andrea Jácome

    i am thankful for love! just any kind of warm demonstration of love! remember to always make others feel loved!

  6. Abigail Pacis

    I just subscribed to the both of you and agghhh I love the positive aura you're spreading to everyone around you and to your viewers. Stay awesome guys! ❤️

  7. Amina K

    I'm thankful that in a weeks time, its summer holidays. Which eqauls sleeping till noon and reading a whole library… ☺

  8. Nathalie Cookieetattila

    I know Thanksgiving is really important in the USA, it seems to be an amazing tradition and great family time.
    But every time I hear of that day, I remember the words of Lucy in the movie "Across the universe" : " It celebrates the time when the Indians shared their food with the early settlers. And how did we repay them? We slaughter them in thousands then ship them off to the shittiest bits of real estate." Great movie, by the way

  9. Deshi

    I'm thankful for all the 26 years of life and all the experiences I've had.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Erik, Jess & both your families! <3

  10. Donna Conrad

    you did pretty good on that flatbread pizza – very colorful – and, cheese is always the "key" ingredient that makes any meal yummy.

  11. Sapir Gavrieli

    I am thankful for my amazing family and friend whom I love and they make me so happy!
    Also thankful for finding your channel! Excited everyday for ur vlog, and today's was absolutly amazing !! The way you shot the moon going up was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen!

  12. wooedbywords

    not sure if it was you, Jess, who said this in a previous vlog, or if I heard this somewhere else, but doesn't the person who gets the bay leaf have to wash the dishes? Is that a thing, or did I just make that up? 😆😊 still watching the vlog, so I hope you include how you make that scrumptous sounding spicy butternut squash! 💛

  13. wooedbywords

    hey Erik, here's a hack for when you are cooking without a baking tray – put the sheet of foil on your cutting board and use the board to transfer the foil (and its contents) to and from the oven; just hold the cutting board in front of the oven rack and slide the foil off and on. Good job on the meal prep – looked good! amazing moon rising shot!

  14. Bubbalicious_the_ Bulldogge

    The time laps of the moon rising was incredible! The Charlie Brown music was perfect👍🏼and pleeZ get a helmet!!!

  15. UnordinaryLife

    That is a cool healthy delivery company! I have lost 30 lbs in the last 3 months so that would be useful….

  16. DanceLover14

    I'm so thankful to be home with my family, and to just be alive on this planet which I'm so thankful to God for 😇💖

  17. Sebastian Blake

    WOAH! I passed by the balloon inflation too, and I actually went to the parade for the first time! I had always watched it on TV with my family (traditionally) and it was cool to finally get to be in NYC and see it live.

  18. Kelli McGurk

    Idk why but I really enjoy the videos with just you! For whatever reason they always leave me feeling motivated and inspired.

  19. Jairon Cora

    +EricConover your videos are amazing, keep working like that bro. I live in Miami but I had visited New York a few times and I love it. I am seriously considering to move there after I get my finance degree. I want to say thank you because your videos are a great inspiration for me to keep pursuing my dream.

  20. The Battcave

    “trust me i'm gonna make this work” that sums you up Erik
    you help me a lot with your lust for life & positivity.
    thanks mate from the Uk.

  21. Ashley Odell

    She kinda reminds me of Taylor/MacKinley Hill bc she's a model with birds.💕 Also, Taylor Hill was at the parade❣

  22. Brittany Wolfe

    Does Jess get her great cooking skills from her mom? I noticed the little chef's outfit while she was in the kitchen.

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