The four island tour, Koh Lanta Thailand

Day 68 of our trip across ASIA!

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  1. quinty pronk

    hi Christian! we are at koh lanta right now and we were wondering where you've found that nike store. I love your vlogs! I actually planned our trip to Thailand based on your videos.

  2. Nadia Suarez

    I love your videos!! I'm going to Thailand next month and you made me so excited! What company did you book the 4 island tour with? Do I need to book beforehand while I'm still in the states or when I get there!? Thanks!

  3. Ales Kruml

    Absolutely beautiful, interesting camera and comments ! My friends just went there and I found your video.
    Greetings from Czech republic, Lost Leblanc !!!!

  4. Mather Brown Travel

    Where are you staying here? It looks so much like the place we stayed, Lanta marina resort! Great little chilled out island, wish we had stayed longer

  5. VWinz

    what company did you do this tour thru? / what hostel/hotel did you stay at and did you just book thru them 🙂 cheers!

  6. Luxi

    Hello i also have been on the 4 island tour and it was so amazing I hope you have a great journey as I had 👍😘😂

  7. Christopher Goodwin

    Is there info on your blog about how and where to get to the four island tour? like what island you were on when you started the tour? I cant seem to find it

  8. mike lagua

    hi! i was wondering if you have the link of the 4 islands tour? there are 2 that look very similer in koh lanta and just want to make sure it is the same one you recommend. thanks!

  9. Gabriel Traveler

    Wow, Ko Lanta looks so nice. Looks like I'm going there soon. Cool to see one of your older videos. Nicely done but you've definitely improved!

  10. Serhat Karataş

    Can you please share the place that you have stayed (if you liked your stay there)? It looks great!

  11. Georgina & Dave Honeymoon in a Backpack

    We did this tour last year and absolutely loved it!! Here's a little video I made from our day:

  12. Omalee De Silva

    Hi, I am planning to visit thailand. and this seems like a superb tour. Could you please give details of how you book it and which tour company?

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