What Country Will I Be in Tomorrow?

On the morning of my last day in Barcelona, I woke up having no idea what country or city I would be in tomorrow. Besides figuring that out, I had a great time exploring more of what is now one of my favorite cities. In this video, I go to the beach and end up loving the Gothic Quarter.

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5 Replies to “What Country Will I Be in Tomorrow?”

  1. ErickVOnUTube

    Do you also rent cars to drive around? Are you a member of a travel club or social site like couchsurfing?

  2. lbshinchan15

    Nice Videos… Would be cool if you could do a video on budgets and planning for travelling around Europe. I'd imagine it'd be pretty expensive?

  3. Yummy Inspirations

    Such beautiful architecture. So exciting to travel and be spontaneous with your schedule. Look forward to following your trip. 🙂

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