Surviving High School, OTRA Concert, TVD Finale | #ASKTESS

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OTRA Concert Vlog:

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22 Replies to “Surviving High School, OTRA Concert, TVD Finale | #ASKTESS”

  1. Taylor Carter

    You should start watching the originals! It's SOOO good, like same level of the vampire diaries good👌

  2. TheBeautyDweebs

    You're literally my favourite youtuber ever- you put so much effort into your videos and I've loved watching you grow as a youtuber, I can only dream of becoming as successful as you one day!

  3. Nimbus 2001

    Senior high school year in Hong Kong is really really stressed… We have to prepare 2 and a half years for the HKDSE which decide our lives. And everyone even the teachers are dealing with it very seriously and I really hate it. I just wonder why aren't I born in the U.S. or anywhere else just not Hong Kong or China…

  4. Glam Barbie

    😊 I love your videos 💕

    Any small Youtubers out there that want to support each other channels?❤️
    Reply when subbed and I will sub back. Asap❤️

  5. Gabrielle Phillips

    Is it just me that kept on replaying the first second or two of the video?Oh, yeah, I'm just weird I guess lol!

  6. Pooja Rani Singh

    well said about Self Esteem thing….You could be my Guidance Officer for LIFE…..{I love you Tess}….you just know what to say….#StayBeautiful #LoveU

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