San Fran Day 2 – Golden Gate Bridge & More

In my second day in San Francisco, I explore more of the city, stumble upon Hope Cathedral, visit Pier 39, the sea lions, Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghiradelli Square, and then the Golden Gate Bridge.

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3 Replies to “San Fran Day 2 – Golden Gate Bridge & More”

  1. Giovanni Montalvo

    San Francisco looks amazing, I've never been, but seeing this through your eyes makes me want to go so bad! I make movies every Thursday and recently filmed one about going out and exploring the nature and city around us, would mean a lot to be able to share what I've made with you 😀

  2. FORHAD Hossain

    Fabulous View Of San francisco .& You Doing Very Hard Work for viewers .I am very thankful to you…

  3. Anthony David

    I thought I heard you say Blair was going . Kind of disappointed. You would have had a better time with Blair .

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