We found a hot spring you can only get to by helicopter. Vancouver British Columbia is easily one of the most scenic places in the world and flying a helicopter over these mountains is simply unbeatable.

Don’t miss Part 1:

Thank you to BC Helicopters for showing us around and teaching me to fly! Check Mischa out on YouTube:

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January 12, 2016

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Cosmo and Creatures – Young (Win Woo Remix)
Shift – Rhano
Microwave Dinner
Inner State of Mind
Outro: Nevada – Vicetone (Monstercat)
-What camera and equipment do you use?

-What do you use to edit your videos? FCPX

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    Hello .i watched some of your videos and they re awesome.
    keep on doing like this .
    salim from france

  2. bergonio904

    Your video are so dope full HD looks like 60fps. Wil needs to start using what your using! 😂 great vids bro!

  3. d dajay

    wow its nice adventure christian,ive been working in calgary canada last 2 years ago,its so freezing out there.i experience walking in the streets and the weather is -31.its so terrible.

  4. Mathieu Bourgetel

    You inspired me to go traveling again! i havnt left canada in over 3 years now and im pretty sure thats what im missing in my life. Going to Vancouver in march and gonna check out the island! im from Whitehorse Yukon, Lost of cool stuff to see up here in the summer and winter !

    Great videos !

  5. Max C.

    what camera were you using when you got out of the hot spring and when you were in the helicopter?
    are you still using the Panasonic g85?

  6. DauntlessForever〈4

    Is there any sort of sizing chart for your merch? Or do I just compare it to typical Canadian sizes? or US?

  7. Ono Udont

    Retarded ass faggot millennials. This garbage is why we have Trudeau and Trump. Get a job and learn to not be all about yourself and your douchebag crap you freak

  8. Destination Adventure

    awesome video man. I'm new to your channel and really enjoying the videos. I live in BC and i was thinking of doing a video on this hot spring this summer but you beat me to it. I make videos of places all across BC and i would be happy to take you guys out to any of the spots if you're ever back this way. Either way thanks for the cool videos and have fun out there.

  9. Amber Bellringer

    at the end did you fly over whistler blackcomb? looked familiar! awesome blog as usual! i love the mix of your material a little bit of everything its great 😀

  10. Valentin Barbier

    Hey Christian, you inspired Jon olsson to go to the same place! He went to the hot springs recently.

  11. Marco Sanchez

    This video is amazing the shots on the snow covered mountains its incredible I been watching your videos on play I watched a couple of them yesterday while I edited my videos just incredible all the places you have been.

  12. Antoon Pelsma

    'I'm a life guard but I'm not going in, I'm gonna be honest' that line killed me. Nine months until my move to Vancouver from London and can't stop watching your videos.

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