Why you NEED to visit The Philippines!! | Stuff NZ Collab 2017

The Philippines has beautiful beaches and islands, is becoming more tailored for tourism, easier to travel as of 2017, here’s 17 reasons why you should visit The Philippines for your next travel or holiday.

A video we produced for New Zealand’s largest new’s publication, Stuff.co.nz:

This edit is the best of the Philippines from our holiday, but there is so much more to see, so many great locations we missed. One day we will be back to discover them.

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Stacey & Dane x


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20 Replies to “Why you NEED to visit The Philippines!! | Stuff NZ Collab 2017”

  1. joevic meneses

    outstanding, incredible video ,thanks for visiting, truly this are reasons why others should visit the Philippines

  2. Dream331

    Wow Daneger and Stacy! This is a beautiful video! Why did you say your videos in the Philippines weren't that good? Hahaha 😃 This video should be playing in the tourism office! Gotta show this to my wife! 😃

  3. Yuki

    Omg thanks for the awesome edit!

    I honestly want to visit Philippines.. My online friends live there and the ocean is so pretty!

    Can't wait for December !
    My family's going to Thailand

  4. Tessa Canindo

    Vloggers like You guys are powerfully promoting the country.More & more tourists are encouraged that travelling in the Philippinnes is safe.This land is beautiful.

  5. Nomad Downunder

    I love Stuff, found these couple cool and am ofcourse proud of the Philippines…3 more weeks to go before my holiday. Woohoo!

  6. Randy Honorato

    Thank you for this wonderful vid! Come visit our country this 2018! It's more fun in the philippines! 🇵🇭

  7. ConUrNin conurnin

    I 💖 you both Dane & Stacey!! Super cool music matching ur superb taste in video making.. Super love ur drone shots.. 😉👌 U guys are experts.. Such inspirations!. Keep up d good work guys.. Take care on ur travels.. 🙋💕
    Sub'd only 3months ago but im totally hooked to ur channel! Been watching ur older vlogs also.. 😉 tnx!

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