Grand Canyon of China!

Exploring the gorgeous Taihang Grand Canyon in China! The scenery here was absolutely unreal. I was pretty excited about that.

location – Taihang Grand Canyon Eighteen Bends 太行大峡谷
outside Lin Zhou, Henan province

Questions Some People Will Probably Have…

Jason is a friend of mine showing me around the area of Lin Zhou. Livio stayed back in Shenzhen for this trip.

Yes, my eye is swollen. I had to have an operation on it, and it took its time recovering, unfortunately. At the time of uploading (a week after filming) it has almost completely healed.


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intro & mountain-top song – “Canopy” by Soul Catalyst
Music provided by Heroboard
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• Soul Catalyst

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hiking song (female vocalist) – “Lost in Your Eyes” by TFLM (ft. Anja) Music provided by Frequency


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48 Replies to “Grand Canyon of China!”

  1. Travellight

    For some reason, this video took insanely long to edit – but here it is!
    Also – travel plans! In August, I will be traveling more of China. Tokyo in September, and Egypt in October! Suggestions welcome!

    My eye is still red in this video (sigh) – I had an operation on it, and it was slow to recover, unfortunately. But as of typing this (about a week after filming) it's almost completely healed!

  2. commenter78

    6:19 that mountain reminds me of covadonga, asturias, in spain. When we were in the van going down the mountain it felt like we were going to go down in the ravine, because all i could see was the low lands and not the road. I felt kind of nervous but it was a great experience. I wonder if jordan has been there.

  3. john sherdahl

    I would have used my profession and so 'Beat Boxed' in those tunnels-BooYah'!…. cool awesome vid TY and GOD bless you&yours'!!!!!…

  4. Andrew Star life

    Great to see a fresh perspective on the taihang grand canyon, also like your choice of music 🙂

  5. Kelsey Moreland

    So glad you and livio decided to long haul visit/live in China! Not enough people truly experience China that travel through it

  6. harshal dawange

    i am amazed to see this wonderfull places.. You keep travelling.. and i will see all places from your sight… keep it up…

  7. Tt Xiton

    Hello, I like your videos, and I watched a few of them. I'm so curious about how can you make so many Chinese friends traveling with you, where had you find them. 🙂

  8. Taozhi Wang

    The owner of the dog said " Come over here, here is a beautiful girl wants to take a photo of you" . lol

  9. Dovee Oceux

    When I first traveled to China in 2007 to teach English for a year, one of my favorite actives quickly became taking a walk after dinner with friends and exploring the narrow lanes of the subtropical city we lived in.
    With a couple of lamb or chicken skewers in hand, we were set to explore the city for the night. On our nightly walk to the river that ran through the city, we observed the people around us selling clothes from carts along the streets and students playing ping pong in a park.
    Everyone was outside doing something (or nothing) and you felt like you were a part of it. One of the best things about China is that you can walk out of your door and everything and everyone is right there waiting for you.
    As China continues to grow, more and more foreigners are choosing to travel, live, work, or do business in China. No matter what your reason for exploring this vibrant country, the below tips on how to get by during your first days will help give you the confidence to buy your ticket and go have fun in China.
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  10. ka wu

    oh my  god   ,you went  to   my  home town , still as beautiful as it  before  , I have left  China for   5 years , miss  my hometown  so much  ,

  11. Bob Jackson

    Looks amazing but not for those with acrophobia, great place for the young and adventurous, great video too.

  12. Sanjib Mandal

    Hi, im frm kolkata, India. Nowadays watching ur videos in China . Very also planning to explore China in October 2018…inspiring frm this vedio i wish to visit linzhou to explore taihang…if u please tell me the details where i should stay & how can i avail this trip at budget.

  13. Xi Liu

    I have been living in US for around 7 years and traveled around many states in US. I must have been more places in US than those in China. This is life, isn't it? Watching a foreign people traveling around China. Nice video!

  14. Aseem Chishti

    🙄no words can express my feelings💗💞💟❣️💝💞❤️💓💘💔💕💖 this place is too 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
    💐Jordan💐 😘😘😘 thank you soooooo much.

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