q&a | staying positive, post-grad life

q&a time!! I asked you guys question on my IG story and now I’m finally answering them!
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FAQ: How old am I? 21 years old
How tall am I? 6’0
What editing software do I use? Adobe Rush

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27 Replies to “q&a | staying positive, post-grad life”

  1. Danielle Morales

    What a cute style of video to do on the street while walking about! I haven’t seen this type of vid before and it’s v good!

  2. moon horizon

    Elena, I've been watching you since the very beginning of your channel <3
    I love you and your content so much, such an inspiration!!
    I'm moving to upstate NY from Singapore in 3 months. I'd love to meet up with you & get to know you more in person, if you're down for it :))

  3. chrissy d

    i love all of your content you put out and you are extremely creative!! i’m always so inspired to enjoy life and stay positive lol when i watch your videos!! 🌞your editing style is amazing and although you deserve a LOT more recognition, i am happy to be here before you blow up🤗:) ahh much love💛

  4. vivien huang

    Hahaha at 3:45 I heard someone saying going to work all the time in Chinese, I switch back to double check on that lol anyways , hope you enjoy New York and have all the fun !

  5. Bella Lindert

    oh my god her eyes😍

    i also posted a q&a today, but i really love this idea of walking around outside!

  6. Lilian Angeline

    videos like these show that you are such an intellect, who you are and your characteristics will always shine through stereotypes <3

  7. Lilian Angeline

    I agree, in New York you always feel like people are working harder and longer than you which inspires

  8. Rocky_Tx

    Best Q & A ever. Visually fun to watch and some great questions answered. Recognize the outfit from the thrifting video.

  9. Raghaib Al Lawati

    OMG!!!!! I'm from Oman but currently live in the US. So excited for you to be there!!! You'll definitely enjoy it!!!

  10. KRLEEQ

    So you want the style of the 70’s but none of that hard shit people faced, war, racism, fight for civil rights, social justice, sexism, none of the stuff, you don’t have to worry about it because other people did the real thing that mattered back in that era, but hey the fashion….wow smh😒🤨 what exactly is it that you do, like a genuine question I’m curious about?

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