summer morning skincare routine

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39 Replies to “summer morning skincare routine”

  1. Sarah Golden

    I only found your channel a few days ago but I love it already! Something about it feels calming and nostalgic haha

  2. Skincare TV

    Really love your videos and you take such great care of your skin!💘💘💘💘💘💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  3. Cordelia lee

    Hi Elena, I've been binging your channel recently! Really love your bubbly and ambitious character! You are totally someone I'd love to be friends with! Have a great day!

  4. Kiara Madisen

    These are such awesome products! I love the milk jelly cleanser so much and use it all the time! This really inspired me to step up my skincare routine haha. Love ya Elena 💗

  5. Amanda

    That sunscreen is not coral reef safe, meaning it’s an active pollutant in the water and it’s negatively affecting that environment. Some of the main ingredients listed are banned in Hawaii because they don’t break down and are that harmful towards the environment.

  6. Bianca Bello

    So good! I love how you edited everything, it's so pretty 💕 I just put up a skincare/shower routine video if any one wants to check it out and compare!

  7. Carole M

    Tip : you should try to apply products from the lightest to the heavier especially with moisturiser and oils. Moisturiser is lightest than oil so using it after oil can prevent it from being absorb in your skin.

  8. Milly Bloosom

    Can u speak Polish? Have you ever been in Poland? I’m curious couse I’m polish girl. Greetings from Poland 🇵🇱 😘

  9. Abril Queiruga

    I love how natural and spontaneous you are. Thanks for your videos and advices. Your channel content is brilliant. Congratulations! ♥️🌟

  10. Lune Nyghtsell

    your skin is so beautiful 😍😍
    i just recommend to put your moisturizer, and then your eye cream and sunscreen 😊 your skin needs to be moisturized before you put a barrier on it to protect it!

  11. lucy ramsey

    hi elena i was wondering if you could show us your hair routine because your hair is so pretty! i love watching your videos!

  12. Romit Hashash

    Hello helena ! I just created an account on YouTube and you were the first YouTuber I started to follow , love all your content and your way of being seriously is beautiful ❤️continues like this

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