BYE ENGLAND, HI IRELAND 👋🏼 | Glastonbury UK Travel Vlog | Rabbies Tour Day 5

Today we check out Glastonbury on our last day in England. We’re not leaving the UK though, Ireland travel vlogs with Rabbies are…⬇ Click ‘Show More’ ✈ Learn to travel full-time:

First off, Glastonbury is a veeeeery weird and interesting place! It’s unlike anything else we’ve seen in the England and probably pretty unique in the UK as well. Glastonbury isn’t just home to the festival either but the spiritual side of the event carries over into the town for sure.

This is the last day of our Rabbies trip around Cornwall and Devon and in this travel vlog we actually leave England, bound for Ireland and a trip with Rabbies again to the Northern Ireland.

The UK has been a massive surprise in the best way possible, these vlogs have been so much fun to film and create and share with you. Hopefully you’ve been enjoying viewing them all!

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22 Replies to “BYE ENGLAND, HI IRELAND 👋🏼 | Glastonbury UK Travel Vlog | Rabbies Tour Day 5”

  1. Magda Doula

    I watched you guys sometime ago visiting my homeland-Poland…and now you are in my new home from 11years-Dublin <3 have fun

  2. przezielona

    Awesome! Welcome to Ireland guys! I've started watching you few months back when you were visiting Poland, where I come from 🙂 and now you're in Ireland – Dublin, where I live! I hope you have a great time. I love to watch your channel.

  3. quizcosplit

    Welcome to my home number 2 😁 you should pop by Cork if you have time (writing this while you're still in the UK in the video)

  4. paulaclagueelliott

    Please ignore all the…are you in northern Ireland or southern Ireland comments… you are on the island of Ireland.! Yes there is a Northern and a South but it's still one island of Ireland for now…

  5. Megan

    Shame you didn't see Glastonbury Abbey. I did a tour of Great Britain a few years ago and the abbey was an unexpected highlight. The grounds are gorgeous and the ruins of the abbey are pretty majestic!

    So for anyone reading this comment, you should see Glastonbury Abbey if the opportunity presents itself.

  6. Rex Waldron

    Glastonbury is a real experience! I've been there many times over the years as I had a place in Somerset at one time. Pity you didn't get a chance to visit the Tor because the views from there over the Somerset Levels are amazing. Ireland is a beautiful place – there is some incredible scenery and the green of the landscape is intense – it really earns the title of Emerald Isle. I've still got a photo of myself with my first pint of Guinness on Irish soil – it was at the Ferryboat Inn, Portumna on the banks of the Shannon River in 1989 🙂

  7. Andy U

    Hiya. You went to Glastonbury and didn't visit the Tor??? Such a shame. Next time, maybe. All the best to you.

  8. Travellers Relish

    0.54 is just gold haha I knew story time is coming up and Stacey was ready for it. Good smells of Marijuana and cigarettes? Wow, you guys moved a lot.

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