Copenhagen Travel Guide

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Our Copenhagen travel guide! What a captivating city, absolutely enchanting – I can see why everyone who visits Copenhagen falls in love with it. Great food, friendly people, and a fantastic public transport system makes Copenhagen an all around great city.

We have some great guests in our Copenhagen episode and be sure to stick around until the very end for a cheeky surprise (I really had no idea they did this until I saw the first cut!)

How we film our travel guides –

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50 Replies to “Copenhagen Travel Guide”

  1. Minimeister317

    "one of the worlds best public transportation" made me laugh, cause us Danes think our public transportation is a pile of crap.

  2. Kaisar

    Jesus this city is so pretty but I been reading up on monstrosities they are building and I am afraid that Denmark will look like a modern artists drop outs vomit…

  3. Mr. Clean

    My Mother had no Pass and Wanted to visit Denmark i was like lmao they are in the EU you just need ur ID card beautiful country but expensive as fuck

  4. Henrik Frederiksen

    I have to commend you on this video, as a Dane i felt super proud of the way you present our great Capital, yes it is expensive as h… but i think the city has it all…. I love the very positive way you descripee our transportation system , and it really is one of the best in the world, but ofc as a native, we don't alway think of it that way, hope to see you ,,, bot of you back here …. Fair travels and following winds.. we are a maratime nation after all .. and last but not least…. Im so happy for your brother , he battled and won … i salute him 07

  5. Jose Partida

    Your video has been on my feed for a good while. Finally watched it. Damn! I want to go to Copenhagen.

  6. Dustin Jackson

    Norway is my favorite country, but no city can beat Copenhagen. Oslo is beautiful. Copenhagen is better.

  7. safa

    This is great…doing a solo copenhagen trip and this is helping with planning the journey from airport to hotel etc

  8. Arl Tratloandletmealonewithureshitads

    bus and train tickets are connected here too, i buy a train ticket for 24 hrs ( for 1 to 5 people for 23€) and its also a bus, subway or trolley ticket for the city i travel too…

  9. Goku Dbz

    The airport is so amazing and the city is unbelievable the best country airport and city ive ever been too

  10. Ianthe22

    They are brothers but they got completelydifferent accentsXD. Oh yeah. Cancers sucks and am happy it worked out well for your family.

  11. CagedPaps

    This is the first video I've watched on this channel and you're never sure if the information is relevant and or somewhat dated. Noting and visiting Mikkeller though kind of tells me this is spot on, it certainly is from a beer perspective so I trust the rest. Cheers

  12. Peter Wagner

    Alex, I'm really happy to hear about your brother, You shot be most welcome back, If you think that It's expensive to live in Danmark, then what really knock your socks off is buying a new car. I'm pretty sure that we one of the highest taxation in the world, I wish you and your brother all the best in your further endeavors.

  13. William H-R

    For anyone planning to go to Copenhagen, you should definitely NOT buy an ordinary ticket for the public transport, even the 24/72-hour tickets might not be worth it. Instead, we have this card called "Rejsekort" (travel card, in danish). Essentially, you pay a small fee for getting a card, which can be obtained at the Central Station, but the price for each zone is halfed in comparison to the ordinary tickets!

  14. Low-Fi Concerts

    Great video and amazing cause! Another tip for people visiting Copenhagen is that there is a thriving music scene here and a great way to explore that and also meet the locals is to go to a living room concert

  15. Samantha Dale

    just got back from Copenhagen and absolutely loved it! Everyone was so lovely and welcoming, thats why they are the happiest people in the world!

  16. Poul Madsen

    Excellent video! Thanks for all your nice words about Copenhagen. Yes, it's expensive, we all know that and you would be excused had to included some more downsides of Copenhagen

  17. Zyx

    I'm not used to pubs in CPH, but I'm sure you can find a place where a bottle cost around 20DKK And a glass (depending on beer) 40-55DKK. Pretty much, stay away from fancy places to get beer..

  18. Mr Dopehead

    Definitely one of the best travel guides I've ever seen, but then, being a Dane, I am possibly biased…

  19. Passion Creativity

    Next week i go to copenhagen, i'm really looking forward to the trip and especially that you can rent a bike i mean as a dutchy there is nothing better than a place where are bikes 🙂

  20. Kewonerdk

    If you are going for at hotdog, then don’t eat a that place he shows. It’s taste like shit compared to a real danish hottie!

  21. saif majzoub

    I’ve been to Copenhagen for 4 times, just came back on October, and i miss this city already. 😍😍, amazing episode 👌🏻

  22. Brenden Cam

    So far I love all of you travel videos. Keep up the good work guys. As a frequent traveler, I always believe giving people a clear & concise travel information as much as possible is incredible. We all should know what to do and where to go before we go. Great Job. Please post more videos

  23. Mr. P. Enis

    Local tip if you come to Copenhagen you should visit Nørrebro the "multicultural" area of Copenhagen. They have so many different types of restaurants, like turkish, arab, persian and a whole lot more. And it's cheap too! (I once ate at a a turkish buffet for 70 kr) Danes do like to exaggerate about this area being "dangerous" but in reality there is absolutely nothing to worry about when you come here. It's just that they haven't seen anything like it, but compared to Sweden this is a Playground, let alone cities like Paris, London or Berlin

  24. HolgerD

    Taxi service in Copenhagen is a total rip off, so I would suggest to stay away from it.

    Most of the taxi drivers are from woman hating cultures and sexual harrasment is very common, so if you are a woman, this is another reason to use other methods of transportation.

  25. westnetjulez

    Was in Copenhagen in September. Is hideously expensive, people not friendly and food was awful, never,ever going back!

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