BALI & Beyond

Most gorgeous drive EVER.
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gates of heaven song: I Admit It (instrumental) by Eddy I.
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Gili song (8:56): Not Me by Eventide

beach song (9:35): Fading Memories by Adon & Nicolas Haeg & Sam Halabi
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fun sunset song (10:29): Kiss You by Panuma & Yanic
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backing song (12:03): Days Like These by LAKEY INSPIRED
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47 Replies to “BALI & Beyond”

  1. Evert Jan Guijt

    That was a great episode! Loved the view on the volcano from the sea as well the beautiful rice fields

  2. Where's Poppy

    Loved this! Brings back so many good memories! Although it makes me sad too because I wish we could travel back in time to these moments. You forgot to confirm just how good those margs are hahaha 😉

  3. 虚勢ヨガ

    Gilis island was so goddamm awesome, I've been there for a couple days,that super funtastic! cheap stuff and healthy fresh food from the sea.

  4. Chnae Alisha Travel

    Bali looks beautiful! I will definitely be travelling there one day in the next few years 😍

  5. John Lyons

    Bali is beautiful but the humidity is just too much…just sitting still yer dripping sweat…and that their winter! ugh. too close to the equator.

  6. Petri Vertri

    LOVE how you catalog the music in your description. Only noticed now, 'cause usually watch on ROKU, which doesn't have a description section. You and Poppy are just getting better and better at editing. I especially liked your newest Shenzhen edit & upload! Your brother should start a channel. Then get you to edit for him IN YOUR SPARE TIME lol.

  7. Satyam Mittal

    I dont know that its only me or i think u r one of the most beautiful girl i have seen on social media

  8. Hakani Sungoh

    You are such an inspiration! Your videos are so amazingly mesmerising. You give me travel goals. You go girl! Love from India!❤️

  9. Maria Ciobanita

    Amazing video! But I was thinking how you manage your period? especially that you are going to the beach a lot.

  10. Ashish Tripathi

    Not that I’m a perv, but do these travel female youtubers use beaches and dips in it to garner more views and subs?

  11. Techno Mania

    Ok, I know this will gonna sound weird.
    But, Damn You face looks a lot like my High school English teacher. I mean the similarity is so much.
    Anyway, Nice vlog.
    Bali looks amazing.

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