New To YouTube? 10 Tips to Overcome the Fear of Camera

New To YouTube? 10 Tips to Overcome the Fear of Camera.

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Starting on YouTube is HARD! Really hard. Here are some tips to help you overcome the fear of the camera and slay producing the best content you could only dream of.

PS. Merry Christmas. I’m not massive on Christmas so I totally didn’t prepare a video for Christmas. But please know I love you all lots and lots and wish you the most amazing Silly Season.

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MY MUSIC (Great for YouTubers) –
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Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

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47 Replies to “New To YouTube? 10 Tips to Overcome the Fear of Camera”

  1. hannahcdesign

    Hey Sorelle, I'm new to YouTube too. Here is my channel:

    Pleased give me some feedback!!! Thank you for all the tips.

  2. Seagram Pearce

    Your number, umm, the one about "just post the damn video" is where I'm at. And maybe a bit of the stage when I still feel weird being in front of the camera, rather than behind. Although over a decade of reinforcement does take a while to break… Your personality is infectious though, and something I've not really seen in many youtubers I follow. I like it.

  3. Pato Puentes

    I will not stop! I'm so crap today but I trust I will get better even with shitty technology an Argentinian could have found jajajaj THANK YOU SO MUCH for the inspiration. Needed this 100% love you!!

  4. Coco de Bruycker

    Thank you so much, Sorelle! You actually inspired me to start vlogging. Only started a little while ago and already failed. Greatly. Haha… Your tips are so empowering, though!

  5. Patrick Wayne

    I just discovered this channel and it’s been such a huge help and inspiration, I’ve always wanted to be a travel vlogger and now I finally got the opportunity to share my experiences since I’m in Bali but when I went to go edit my video the other night my computer took a complete shit on me and broke😩😩😩 in the mean time here’s my channel link for anyone interested!

    It mostly just silly vlogs but once I figure out how I’m gonna edit my videos and fix my laptop PINKYY PROMISE I’ll start posting consistently again

  6. Where is Lauren Sian

    I'm just starting out and terrified to do much in front of the camera just yet so thanks for the tips, I didn't think a script would work but you're right!

  7. Nih Fratel

    i just wanted to let you know that i discovered your channel like a week ago and i cant stop watching your videos!! they have such a positive and inspirational vibe and make me feel so good ❤️ also i hope its not only me that thinks you look exactly like young courteney cox

  8. The Travel 2

    We looove your channel! We just started publishing travel-related videos on our channel, and hope to be able to up-our game a little as we go along. Your videos are really helpful! Thanks! 😀

  9. therese.lakomy

    @sorelleamore I wanted to get some advice from you and I was secretly wishing you would visit my channel but the moment you said that – I got so anxious !
    I started in March but I'm not growing.
    But here I am – fingers crossed that you will read it ❤️❤️❤️🤞

  10. Click Anna

    Hi, here's a link to my channel so you guys can laugh at my cringey first videos and see how I've evolved to a not so cringe-worthy content

  11. Emily Aliem

    Very helpful! Would definitely love some feedback on my channel. Will be uploading a new video very very soon!

  12. Ashley Elizabeth

    Not so new to Youtube but having such a hard time find my growth! Thank goodness for you Sorelle …your channel honestly keeps me motivated as a plus size fashion blogger!

  13. Baldie Mellow Queen

    My name on YouTube is Baldie Mellow Queen if you want to subscribe, I’m going to upload more content in english about being a Bald girl, self-confidence, self-love and skateboard comedies 🌸☺️

  14. Baldie Mellow Queen

    Anyway your channel is so inspirational and I love your head and don’t think it looks like a flat pancake at all! You are amazing ☺️

  15. Finlandiya Rehberim

    I most often can't show my personality in my videos and I do procrastinate a lot because I never feel happy about my videos. I wanna be such shining smiling like you or like me in usual life 😅😁 I hope I will get better and better and come back to this after I start feeling comfortable in front of the camera 😁 I'm not a new YouTuber, have a channel for 2 years and have made over 50 videos. Recently getting better and comfortable with my editing finally and now time to improve vlogging by being comfortable talking to camera 😁🙌 my channel:

  16. Reagan Bliven

    Sorelle, I know this is an old video but I wanted to say I lovvvved this video. From your short bommerangs to your accurate points. I believe I’m going to start YouTubing after a year of thinking about it. Can’t wait to use your knowledge 🤗 ps I don’t think my first video will ever beat the mango 😂😂😂

  17. Matthew Encina

    Very good tips. Practiced all of these and they either. Also thanks for the examples.

    It’s important not to compare your worst with someone’s best. Your start with someone’s end.

  18. Fabi Nshuti

    Thanks so much for these tips! Would you mind advising me on what camera to buy please? I have been making videos with my canon G7X but the don’t look that great. Any advice will be highly appreciated! thank you!

  19. Honest Mom

    Love your tips! Enthusiasm is where I struggle. But I guess it is better to star over enthusiastic than under

  20. Daniel Rhodes

    I've loved all the tips, but only on this video but all across your channel! They have helped tons… well in my opinion but, I guess it's up to the viewer what they think about it…. Here is the (shortened) link to my channel,

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