this is why I hate filming in airports

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44 Replies to “this is why I hate filming in airports”

  1. Fabiana Kanamaro

    Povera! Your face filming at the airport… hahaha sorry, I know, hard time… but your reactions are the best! Love your channel <3

  2. Momplaygroup Fouz

    Hmm with all your traveling I would think you would have enough miles and have airport lounge access.🤔

  3. Diane Schenkelberg

    Airports are another World! My husband travels a lot for business and often calls me from the airport. Our conversations are constantly halted because of announcements and other airport noise. It's the worst!

  4. Blake Holmes 2000

    I know I want to go to the airport to book a flight! But I didn’t have enough money to pay for the ticket! Should I go during college?

  5. RoomWithAView

    Oh my gosh you answered mine! Thanks Nadine!

    PS no pressure to follow me but I'm at @yvette.maarie I just went to Greece and France, and I will be posting more 😊

  6. Kimberly Bowman

    Hey I know you hate filming in an airport. But as an aspiring traveler, I just got a dose of nostalgia. So thanks for sacrificing! LOL 🙂

  7. Blinkit Photography

    LOL just like everyone else trying to vlog in an airport. The only difference is that you are still smiling while others get annoyed.

  8. Kc Grant

    Yes! I would love to hear about your lost luggage experiences. After 11 cruise ports and many city and states later, thank goodness this has not happened to me. I am slowly converting to carry one only.

  9. Alexonabudget

    Awesome Video!! I just started vlogging my two year trip around the world! Check it out and let me know what you think!

  10. Maria G

    Singapore airport has great gym access – if I had a 3+ hour layover I’d make sure to bring workout clothes. Also hang out in the sauna then shower 🚿 yeah it costs around $30 for a single use but so worth it after a long haul flight when you’ve been sitting and eating crappy plane food and feel all clogged up

  11. Travel With Mansoureh

    I kinda find it funny when I film at in the London airports. To be honest I don't like it in the other airports 😛

  12. Shadya Brown-Hall

    Nadine. I just want you to know that I enjoy your videos and I look up to you as a female traveler.

  13. The Gentleman Voyager

    I never could sleep in Airports or even Airplanes. The one time I did I was pickpocketed on the plane. I don't know if it's a stress thing but even if I have my stuff locked up with a lockpad and nothing valuable in my pockets I just can't seem to sleep on planes, even if I try. 😅

  14. adk_lieren

    yes we totally want to see a video about luggage lost on the plane. i´ve never lost mine so far, but i´m super paranoid about it and try to avoid checked-in luggage… would be great to know how to deal with it ( and how it happens-storytime )

  15. Rhonda Bassett

    Can we have a long haul flight tips/hacks video, I am going to South Africa and Thailand next year and I've never done long haul, I'm a bit nervous? xxx

  16. Danielle_Erinn

    This is one of my favorite videos of yours. I don't know why, it's just so awesome. Ive never seen anyone else do a Q and A in an airport

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