ABANDONED Indonesia – BALI Ghost Palace (ft. Exploring with Josh)

Indonesia is full of incredible abandoned sites and the Ghost Palace in mountains of Bali could easily be one of the best in the world. It was great to be able to check out this abandoned hotel with Exploring with Josh and Exploring with Cody. Indonesia, you are full of surprises.

Nov 7th, 2016

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48 Replies to “ABANDONED Indonesia – BALI Ghost Palace (ft. Exploring with Josh)”

  1. Dega Jago

    it was bcuz Corruption case not terrorist. This hotel is owned by son of the ex "dictator" of indonesia who got jailed that time.

  2. Polina Kocheva

    This is vlog editing goals. I'm coming to Bali in a few days!! Now I really wanna visit this place. Gotta find someone to come with me though, don't wanna run into the butcher from the that little room lol …

  3. Kerrie Walker

    Just so you know it wasn't due to terrorist threats that this hotel ceased going ahead. There is a lot of reasons why but comes down to the fact that they built on land that many were killed and buried on and workers died unexplained deaths, they believe to the fact that the souls of those murdered had something to do with it. It was due to the history of the land and the hauntings and deaths of workers that this place didn't get finished

  4. Joshua Bachtiar

    This too! Wow! Am amazed you guys could find these kind of places. Unfortunately, not that brave as you guys are to go here 😅

  5. Ivan Aditia

    If you visit Jakarta, try exploring Menara Saidah. It's a skyscraper that has been left abandoned for years and has been occupied by ghosts.

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