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  1. Kai H

    oh man Taiwan has the best food and its very safe. I've seem some of your later vlogs and now I'm going back to it from the beginning

  2. peko

    whohoooooo Singapore! Food there is delicious and cheap if you eat at their many food courts. Just try, don't be afraid, just try so you know whether you like it or not. I know you're somewhere else now, but I'm so excited to see Singapore through your eyes. Hope you tried the local breakfast Kaya toast with soft boiled eggs and black or sweetened coffee.

  3. Raymond Lin

    Just want to say that I discovered your Vlog last night and have started watching from Day 1 and it has been riveting !!! keep up the good work guys !!!

  4. papa Kyle

    Hello nate & kara
    come to indonesia
    we have bromo mount, Ijen crater
    borobudur Temple
    Bali, Gili Trawangan, Raja ampat 😊

  5. Rachel Leigh

    Just found your vlogs last week & I have to say they are amazing to watch and they make me smile the whole way through!
    I feel like I am on the travels with you guys… I know I'm around 8 months behind where you are now so I hope your having an wonderful and safe time & i can't wait to catch you up xxx

  6. Lourence Genebraldo

    u guys are sooo fortunate to be traveling. that's still a dream for me up to this day although I had a chance to travel before but not for leisure.

  7. Red bear Alaska

    Nate u have a problem!! Lol ur a lounger lizard just admit it U LOVETO TRAVEL TO SEE LOUNGES.. RLOL🤣🤣🤣 i have to say lounges have certainly gotten better then when i traveled.

  8. Tootsla 125

    I appreciate your being real, and not sugar coating it when it sucks. Being positive and making the best of difficult travel events is really important, but you're entitled to vent about the frustrating parts!

  9. frances fritticci

    Hey we're following you day after day it's not all sunshine and palm trees we have to see the good in the bed and appreciate that you do not keep that from us love you guys tomorrow is going to be a better day XOXO

  10. David Snethen

    Hi. I just found your vlog today and I want to say how much I appreciate your friendliness. I like that I can watch this with my kids in the room and it's not filled with profanity. In this particular episode (and there has been at least one other episode I watched earlier) I was able to use you guys as an example to my children of how, even in adversity and when things don't go well, you find the unexpected things that do happen and Kara is even smiling WHILE she is telling us about the disappointing day. Awesome!! We love you guys!! God bless you!!

  11. T. Y.

    I discovered your vlog through Matt LeBlanc. You guys are amazing! You are such an inspiration. I've been watching your vlog from first day of travel. I love the realness and positivity even through not so great days. I look forward to watching the rest of your travels. Stay blessed friends!

  12. Rhonda Really

    I'm day 2 on your blogs from the beginning. I want to travel more, but some of the things you've gone through makes me happy to just watch. Haha! Looking forward to the rest of your adventures.

  13. thatguyalex

    I love the "It's too expensive in Kuala Lumpur but somehow totally cheaper to fly to Hong Kong a million miles further and in China (at Chinese New Year) to then return to Kuala Lumpur…I know this is two years old but this is so weird…I've been to HK in CNY and it's not cheap by any means.

  14. thatguyalex

    Yep…am done…flying to Taipai for a fucking first class lounge…white rich kid privilege at its finest.

  15. bugz station

    I keep forgetting to like your videos. Im obsessed!!! The first ever video I saw was the side of the mountain pods with the parents. Since then I've been binge watching your videos. Keep up the great work and stay safe!!!💪🏽❤

  16. Planes, Trains, Everything.

    Lounges are great fun, and a fab place to relax. If you like unlimited food (as Kara and Nate do), lounges are the place to go.

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