UPDATES and Celebrating 1st video to hit 100K!

Some updates on where I’ve been hiding this weekend, upcoming trips, and celebrating my first video that hit 100 views!

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11 Replies to “UPDATES and Celebrating 1st video to hit 100K!”

  1. Marc Belisle

    Your Hong Kong video was AWESOME! And it made me super happy because I'm moving to China, right near Hong Kong next week to teach at a university.

  2. Larry Lamp

    I watched the replay and congratulations on your views that’s amazing 😉 sounds like you’re planning a great year . Love ❤️ you keep safe 🤗

  3. 解放军在美俱乐部

    If you really want to expand and grow your channel try doing more content in China, most westerners are eager to learn about it but are somewhat uneducated about China so there’s much for you to explore and illustrate on.

  4. Scott Lightfoot

    Steph, thank you for your service and also to your father, I am forever grateful. Congrats on all your accomplishments on YouTube.

  5. Chilled Spirit

    😱😱 Stephhh hi goddess 🤗😊 cart wait for your travel scope i no it going to be mind blowing an magical.😊😊

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